Transforming Government to Think and Act GAD: A Handbook on Gender and Development Training

This is one of the tools inside the Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit (GMRK), which aims to help GAD trainers in government agencies formulate their GAD training design and conduct their training session. This tool includes as one of its parts, the Gender 101 or GAD Dictionary that defines the basic concepts and terms in the handbook and in most GAD literature. It also contains GAD planning and budgeting training module that will orient the agencies on the drafting of a GAD plan and the utilization of a GAD budget to ensure that the effects will be most beneficial to women.

Asset Type:Publication
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender and Development, GAD, Gender Equality, GAD Training, GAD Dictionary, Gender 101
Author:Elena O. Masilungan
Publisher: Philippine Commission on Women
Publication Date:2003

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