Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit

The Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit (GMRK) is a project initiative of the Institutional Strengthening Project Phase II, a collaboration between the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW). The project aims to produce relevant and tested tools that will aid the mainstreaming of gender and development perspectives in development work.

The GMRK is a compendium of tools for gender mainstreaming which can be used by partners and other agencies as a guide in their efforts even beyond the project life. It includes a range of methods, techniques, know-how, practices and other ways through which gender mainstreaming can be integrated in development efforts.

Asset Type:Publication
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender and Development, GAD, Gender Equality, GAD Training
Author: National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women
Publisher:National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women
Canadian International Development Agency
Publication Date:2001, 2002, 2003

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