VAW in Schools: The Unspoken Words

VAW: The Unspoken Words is a collection of short films featuring free-verse poetry and images expounding various forms of Violence Against Women or VAW. The collection is intended to become a springboard for discussing the realities and complexities of VAW which to this date, still often go unnoticed, if not trivialized or dismissed. The first set of videos were released by the PCW in 2017, during the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW.

VAW in the School is a narrative of a university professor who terrorizes a student in exchange for a sexual favor. The video reflects the harrowing realities in a school setting where one of the most powerful and influential personalities–the professors–who are supposed to be second parents and caretakers of the students, are the perpetrators of sexual abuse themselves.

Asset Type:Video
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender-Based Violence, Safe Spaces, Republic Act 11313, Republic Act 7877, Sexual Harassment
Creator:Philippine Commission on Women
Publisher:Philippine Commission on Women
Publication Date:November 22, 2017

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