The women’s decade in the Philippines: analysis of significant changes in women’s role and status: executive summary

This publication discusses women’s role and status in the community and how this status had changes over the decade. It also presented the analysis of women’s situation in education, in employment, in public affairs and in health.

The Women's budget Philippines 1995-1996

This publication assesses the resources that the Philippines government, through its various agencies, spends for the advancement of women. It is an early assessment of the extent of agency utilization of Section 27 (Provision on Gender-Responsive Projects) of the 1995 General Appropriations Act (GAA).

The Women's Decade in the Philippines: Focus on the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women

This book introduces the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. It also highlights the commission’s ten year with photo folio (1975 – 1985).

The Urduja GRC Herstory

This publication is about the Pamulinawen GAD Resource Center in Pangasinan State University (PSU) Lingayen. It was envisioned to provide all the necessary material and human resources to enable government agencies, Local Government Units (LGUs) and schools to mainstream GAD goals and strategies in their plans, policies and programs.

The Pamulinawen Herstory

This publication is about the Pamulinawen GAD Resource Center in Vigan. It was established in response to the need for more concerted efforts in implementing the gender and development programs and projects in Region I.

The National Health Insurance Law and the Civil Service Code: A Review of Specific Provisions Applicable to Women

This occasional paper attempts to identify provisions in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Law (Republic Act 7875) which neglect, disregard or out rightly discriminate against women’s needs and rights. An analysis of on whether the civil service provision for women in public service institutions are consistent with the Philippine Plan for Gender-responsive development (PPGRD) upon reviewing the NHI Law and its implementing rules and regulation is also presented in this paper.

The First Philippine Country Program For Women 1990-1992

This document presents the Philippine Country Program for Women (CPW I), 1990-1992 which substantiates the thrusts of the Philippine Development Plan for Women. It presents an integrated package of projects proposed by government agencies and non-government agencies (NGOs) in line with the goals, objectives, strategies and policies of the PDPW.

Term report 1986-1992.

This report presents the accomplishments of NCRFW from 1986-1992 in its gender mainstreaming work.

Framework Plan for Women

The Framework Plan for Women is the blueprint for the advancement of women for 2001-2004.

Study on women's participation for sustainable development in the Cordillera

This preliminary study about women in the Cordillera explores the gender and development issues in an upland agricultural community engages in both subsistence rice and commercial vegetable production. An assessment of the status of women in the community was undertaken using a feminist framework by addressing four major concerns: male-female dichotomy, public domestic sphere dichotomy, double burden and marginalization of women.