Women and environment

This pamphlet discusses the present state of the environment in the Philippines. Additionally, it explains the relationship of women to the environment and what are the roles of women in the environment protection and preservation program of the government and other private agencies.

Weaver of dreams: trainer’s guide

This trainers’ guide (as a supplement for its video case study counterpart) help discuss the cultural traditions and beliefs affect women’s access to and control over productive assets, employment, education, training opportunities, information and decision-making mechanisms in the community and within the household.

Usapang babae: gender awareness arts, games and processes

This module contains interactive activities to introduce the concepts of gender and the role and characteristics of women geared towards their empowerment.

Updates of the Philippines Development Plan for women 1991-1992

This publication presents the updates on the implementation of Philippine Development Plan for Women for the year 1991-1992.

Understanding violence against women, core messages for services, training, education and advocacy

This booklet provides the core information on Violence Against Women specifically related to its integration to the service delivery and training programs of frontline agencies.

Transforming women’s lives: the Philippine experience (Country Report June 2000)

This publication is an assessment report of the 5 year implementation of the Platform for Action (PFA) a platform crafted to for the equality, development and peace for all women.

Transforming the mainstream: building a gender-responsive bureaucracy in the Philippines 1975-1998

This book traces the long and varied history of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) from its early days as a rather traditional women’s organization to its pioneering work in envisioning gender mainstreaming and striving to put the vision into concrete practice. It outlines the strategies used by NCRFW to act as a catalyst for gender mainstreaming and the mechanism that it has developed in order to institutionalize mainstreaming.

Too little, too late: an alternative Philippine report on government initiatives for women

This paper presents the source of Filipino women’s oppression and exploitation during the period of 1976-1985. Specifically, this paper provides an analysis of the official policy statement on women found in the national Five-year Development Plans (1978-1982 and 1983-1987) and their applications and implications on government initiatives.

Third National Women’s Congress Proceedings: Filipino women in development, Focus on the KKK

This is a proceeding of the “Third National Women’s Congress” that aimed to bring together policy makers, programmers and social scientists from government and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the integration of women in development is sustained through policy measures, researchers and action programs.

The women’s decade in the Philippines: analysis of significant changes in women’s role and status

This publication discuses women’s role and status in the community and how this status had changes over the decade. It also presented the analysis of women’s situation in education, in employment, in public affairs and in health.