Filipino Women: Issues and Trends

This publication is a compilation of statistical indicators on the Filipino women involving the special generation of sex-based data on women’s status in different fields, such as employment, education, politics, health, families and household and others.

Gender and Development Codes: city of Davao, city of Cotabato and province of Misamis Occidental

This publication presents the GAD Codes of Davao City, Cotabato City, and Misamis Occidental. The GAD Code is a set of policies that spells out the LGU vision of promoting, protecting and fulfilling women’s rights and equalizing the gender relations of its women and men constituents.

Gender and Development Budgeting in the Philippines: Issues, Challenges and Imperatives

This report analyzes the Philippines’ current policy on gender-responsive budgeting. It critically analyzes the issues and challenges the government faces in mainstreaming gender and the bureaucracy and the operationalization of the GAD budget policy as a whole. It also provides recommendations for engendering the budget systems and processes of the Philippines.

GAD Planning and Budgeting: Adding Value to Governance

This publication presents the report on the compliance of agencies’ GAD budget & plans for the year 2001-2002.

1995 GAD Focal Point

This booklet provides the relevant information on the GAD focal point.

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Six Years of Advancing Gender and Development in Government

This report highlights the agency’s achievement, accomplishments and development with regards to women empowerment during 1992-1998.

Food in Bloom: Building a New Perspective: Trainer's Guide

This video case study material shows how the women and men of Barangay Bahong, Benguet decided to shift from rice to rose production. This commodity shift heightened the women’s capacity to adapt to their changing environment; and to take a more active role in searching for alternative sources of livelihood.

Filipino Women Migrants: A Statistical Factbook

This factbook contains statistical report of Filipino Women Migrants from 1990-1994.

Filipino Women Facts and Figures

This publication provides a summary of statistics pertaining to the status and/or participation of Filipino women in education, health, employment, and politics at comparative points in time during the Women’s Decade, 1975-1985. Data on population as well as other vital statistics are also presented.

Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Bureaucracy

The manual presents in detail the legal bases of the anti-sexual harassment law and discusses the new administrative disciplinary rules on sexual harassment promulgated by CSC.