gender and development (GAD)

Women in Project Manager: A Course Manual

Too little, too late: an alternative Philippine report on government initiatives for women

This paper presents the source of Filipino women’s oppression and exploitation during the period of 1976-1985. Specifically, this paper provides an analysis of the official policy statement on women found in the national Five-year Development Plans (1978-1982 and 1983-1987) and their applications and implications on government initiatives.

Third National Women’s Congress Proceedings: Filipino women in development, Focus on the KKK

This is a proceeding of the “Third National Women’s Congress” that aimed to bring together policy makers, programmers and social scientists from government and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the integration of women in development is sustained through policy measures, researchers and action programs.

Moving Forward With GAD: A Handbook on Gender and Development for the Sanggunian Committee on Women and Family

This handbook highlights the experiences and lessons learned in making local legislation, development financing and programming women and girl-child friendly. Target users of the handbook are legislators working on women and family concerns.

Mainstreaming Gender: the Region 1 Experience: A Handbook On Institutionalizing Gender and Development in Regional and Local Development Planning

This publication presents the experience of Region 1 in transforming the mainstream by institutionalizing the gender and development (GAD) perspective in the local and regional development planning process. It will serve as a practical guide for development planners, policy makers, local government executives and development workers at the sub-national level who have just embarked on their own mainstreaming journey.

Advancing gender equality in muslim mindanao: training and promoting gender-sensitive religious leaders to effect change

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