Local Government Units (LGUs)

Moving Forward With GAD: A Handbook on Gender and Development for the Sanggunian Committee on Women and Family

This handbook highlights the experiences and lessons learned in making local legislation, development financing and programming women and girl-child friendly. Target users of the handbook are legislators working on women and family concerns.

Making LGUs Gender-Responsive: A Primer For Local Chief Executives

Making LGUs Gender-Responsive: A Primer For Local Chief Executives aims to make clear the importance of being sensitive to gender in determining the needs and resources of the locality, in planning and carrying out programs, and in running the local government machinery itself.

Mainstreaming Gender: the Region 1 Experience: A Handbook On Institutionalizing Gender and Development in Regional and Local Development Planning

This publication presents the experience of Region 1 in transforming the mainstream by institutionalizing the gender and development (GAD) perspective in the local and regional development planning process. It will serve as a practical guide for development planners, policy makers, local government executives and development workers at the sub-national level who have just embarked on their own mainstreaming journey.

Integrating Gender and Development in Local Legislation and Policy Formulation

This publication is a step-by-step guide in administering training on the mechanics and strategies of integrating GAD concepts and principles in their ordinances, resolution and policies.

Gender-responsive Governance at Work: LGU Experiences in Using the GAD Budget

This publication is a compilation of 10 case studies on the experiences of LGU which can be regarded as good practices in gender mainstreaming.

Gender Mainstreaming and Institutionalization in the Budgeting Process: Primer

This primer provides budget people the mechanics on how to evaluate and review the various GAD budget proposals submitted by national government agencies (NGAs), government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and local government units (LGUs).

Gender Mainstreaming: A Handbook for Local Development Workers

This handbook contains guidelines that are recommended as a course of action for gender mainstreaming processes, especially targeted to local development workers.