Child protection in the digital age: National responses to online child sexual abuse and exploitation in ASEAN Member States

CFO Inputs to the Philiippines Combined 7th and 8th Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women Report: Initiatives to Mitigate the Vulnerability of Filipinos Married to Foreign Nationals

Experiences of Women Elite Leaders Doing Gender: Intra-gender Micro-violence between Women.

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Young and female - a double strike? Gender analysis of school-to-work transition surveys in 32 developing countries.

World Employment Social Outlook: Transforming jobs to end poverty 2016.

World Development Indicators 2016.

Women's leadership and corporate performance.

Women and the city III: A Summary of baseline data on women's experience of violence in seven countries.

Women in business: Turning promise into practice.

Violence against women & girls (VAWG): Trasport brief.