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Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Strategy

This strategy lays the groundwork for that aspiration, by identifying how our guiding principles should be reflected in our programmatic approach and activities, as well as in our day-to-day office work and internal policy and practice. As such, this strategy spans both our organizational functions and our project management cycle. In both arenas, we aim to undertake actions that transform relationships of power to create a world where everyone can communicate freely and have a voice in their future, where freedom of expression and access to information are enjoyed by all.
This strategy outlines our framework — a set of meaningful objectives which will shape the way we plan, design, implement, monitor and learn from our work. It is complimented by an ambitious action plan, which maps out specific and targeted activities to operationalize this strategy, with timeframes, indicators and responsibilities.
This strategy and the associated objectives and action plan were developed as an outgrowth of Internews’ five-year Women’s Initiative, “Women’s Voices, Powering Change” (https://women. It has also been informed by foundational work done with the assistance of a grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). That grant focused on an external gender equality review of a multi-country program overseen by a UK-based program team, as well as initial work to develop an organisationally coherent gender and/or inclusion policy.