Street harassment; Female students; gender-based violence; Legislation; Universidad de Manila; Thesis;

Cases of Street Harassment Among UDM Female Students; a Reference for GBV Legislation

The primary purpose of this study is to share a knowledge about the different cases of street harassment in female UdM tudents which would serve as a reference for GBV legislation.
The following assumptions serve as a guide in this study: 1) Women who are being victimized of street harassment are monir students often experience the incidents during night time while travelling from home to school and vice versa; 2) Majority of the respondents had experience street harassment; 3) Students are often experience street harassment or within every few days; 4) Most students who become a victim of street harassment become physically conscious while a least number of the respondents become depressed after incidents. and 5) A large number of the respondents who experienced the incidents gave a negative response.
A descriptive method of research was utilized in the study. a total of 151 respondents from Universidad de Manila were chosen. Descriptive survey method was used to analyze the data. The researchers provided a questionnaire that consists of five parts: 1) designed to obtain the respondents profile, as well as the place and time of street harassment victimization; 2) the respondents frequency of exposure to identified types of street harassment; 3) the perceive seriousness of street harassment victimization; 4) the perceive effects of the problem in the physical and psycholical well-being of the respondents; and 5) the reponses of the respondents in coping with street harassment victimization.