Writing, the Feminine and Organization

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Working below and above the line: the research–practice gap in diversity management

Work–family conflict and social undermining behaviour: An examination of PO fit and gender differences

Women’s ministerial careers in cabinet, 1921–2010: A look at socio-demographic traits and career experiences

Why Women ’ s Leadership Today Invites Questions and Requires Answers

When Should We Disagree? The Effect of Relationship Conflict on Team Identity in East Asian and North American Teams

When Accomplishments Come Back to Haunt You: The Negative Effect of Competence Signals on Women's Performance Evaluations

Truth Scribbled in Blood: Women’s Work, Menstruation and Poetry

Three Women. A Kiss. A Life. On the Queer Writing of Time in Organization

Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography— The Lives of Others: Body Work, the Production of Difference, and Labor Geographies