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The Virgin Mary With a Mobile Phone: Ideologies of Mothering and Technology Consumption in Philippine Television Advertisements

The EroticChaste Dialectic and the New Southern Belle Code at the High School Prom: Feminine Gender Role Stress across Ethnic and Socio-Economic Factors

Self-Disclosure and the Liking of Participants in Reality TV

Politicians and Preferences of the Voter Majority: Does Gender Matter?

My Superbrain is All Binary: Nostalgic Futurism as Robyn's Feminist SuperPersona

Gender Bias in the Media? An Examination of Local Television News Coverage of Male and Female House Candidates

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Eat, Pray, Love : Producing the Female Neoliberal Spiritual Subject

Cultural Cues in Students' ComputerMediated Communication: Influences on Email Style, Perception of the Sender, and Willingness to Help

“Same DNA, but Born this Way”: Lady Gaga and the Possibilities of Postessentialist Feminisms

Scholarly Appendix: Women in Philosophy, and Why There Aren’t Many