Citizenship beyond politics: the importance of political, civil and social rights and responsibilities among women and men

Why Women ’ s Leadership Today Invites Questions and Requires Answers

Growth in women’s political representation: A longitudinal exploration of democracy, electoral system and gender quotas

Gender Analysis of Women's Political Participation in 7 South-East Asian Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Vietnam 2008-2009

Gender and care: overview report.

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The Sustainable cities programme in Philippines (1998-2007): Addressing poverty, gender inequality and environmental degradation

2009 Global hunger index: the challenge of hunger: focus on financial crisis and gender inequality

Guidelines in the Establishment and Management of a Referral System on Violence Against Women at the Local Government Unit Level

The Guidelines is aimed at establishing a referral system at the local government level to have an integrated and coordinated community response to victims of violence against women (VAW).

Getting the balance right: gender equality in journalism

Roadmap for an ASEAN Community 2009-2015

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