The book on Mainstreaming Gender in Development Planning: Framework and Guidelines describes how the integration of gender perspectives can enhance macro development planning particularly at the National Economic and Development Authority, the central planning agency of government. It focuses on the application of the tool in reviewing and drafting the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP). It develops a set of guidelines in the analyses, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and projects to promote gender equality.

This publication presents the proceedings of the National Summit of Women Local Chief Executives and Legislator held in Manila Pavilion Hotel on May 13-15, 2003. (Proceeding Proper)

This publication is a compilation of messages from prominent people supporting the National Summit of Women Local Chief Executives and Legislator, 2003. (Program souvenir).

This guidebook has 3 separate booklets which are: Book 1: Rationale behind gender mainstreaming; Book 2: Applying the tool to assess gender mainstreaming; and Book 3: Using the tool for gender mainstreaming. It also includes the Gender mainstreaming evaluation framework (GMEF) matrix. This guidebook aims to track programs and provide GAD practitioners with a holistic view of the gender mainstreaming process. It provides a framework for goals, objectives and strategies for systematic gender mainstreaming; and cases of effective application of strategies at the various stages of gender mainstreaming in national agencies.