Towards woman-friendly cities

Making LGUs Gender-Responsive: A Primer For Local Chief Executives

Making LGUs Gender-Responsive: A Primer For Local Chief Executives aims to make clear the importance of being sensitive to gender in determining the needs and resources of the locality, in planning and carrying out programs, and in running the local government machinery itself.

Financing Healthier Lives: Empowering Women Through Integration of Microfinance and Health Education

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Integrating Gender and Development in Local Legislation and Policy Formulation

This publication is a step-by-step guide in administering training on the mechanics and strategies of integrating GAD concepts and principles in their ordinances, resolution and policies.

Gender Responsive Local Planning and Budgeting: A Guidebook For Beginners

This guidebook explains the importance of gender mainstreaming in local development planning and budgeting; enumerates guidelines in adopting gender responsive strategies and programs in the preparation of local plans and budget; and includes tips on how to implement the government’s gender equality policy as mandated under the Women in Development and Nation Building Act (RA 7192) and other laws.

Ways to Gender-responsive Organization: Tools and Guides for Sowing Gender-responsiveness in Government Organizations

This guidebook gleans from the experience of agencies that sought to transform themselves into more gender-responsive organizations through a review of their mandate, structure, leadership, culture, resources and other elements.

Gender Mainstreaming and Institutionalization in the Budgeting Process: Primer

This primer provides budget people the mechanics on how to evaluate and review the various GAD budget proposals submitted by national government agencies (NGAs), government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and local government units (LGUs).

Gender and Development Codes: city of Davao, city of Cotabato and province of Misamis Occidental

This publication presents the GAD Codes of Davao City, Cotabato City, and Misamis Occidental. The GAD Code is a set of policies that spells out the LGU vision of promoting, protecting and fulfilling women’s rights and equalizing the gender relations of its women and men constituents.

GAD Planning and Budgeting: Adding Value to Governance

This publication presents the report on the compliance of agencies’ GAD budget & plans for the year 2001-2002.

Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Bureaucracy

The manual presents in detail the legal bases of the anti-sexual harassment law and discusses the new administrative disciplinary rules on sexual harassment promulgated by CSC.