Synergizing Efforts to End Violence Against Women and Children: The Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children Strategic Action Plan 2014-2016

This Plan was crafted based on the initial assessment of its predecessor. Not discounting the significant achievements from 2007-2010, the Council observed that there is still a need to strengthen programs and services and information campaigns to raise public awareness about the law and its relevant mechanisms. It also narrowed down the key result areas from five (5) to three (3), namely primary prevention, response system, and cross-cutting structures and actions to focus on making VAW programs and services coordinated and complementary.

Asset Type:Publications
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Anti-VAWC Laws and PoliciesAnti-VAWC Services and InterventionsAnti-Violence Against Women and ChildrenAnti-Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) Act of 2004 (RA 9262)GenderGender AdvocacyGender and DevelopmentGender EqualityGender MainstreamingGender-Based ViolenceInter-Agency Council on VAWC (IACVAWC)Laws and PoliciesNational LawsRepublic Acts,
Author:Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children
Publisher:Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children
Publication Date:No Date

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