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Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2014

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MST/October 3, 2014/Entertainment/PNA, PIA

PCW urges entertainment industry to promote positive portrayal of women

DAVAO CITY – The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) has urged all workers in the entertainment and advertising industry to exercise sensitivity and promote positive portrayal of women as specified in the Magna Carta of Women (MCW).

MB/October 3, 2014/Entertainment news/Rowena Tan

Richard defends Coco against critics

Richard Gomez believes actor Coco Martin didn’t have to ask pardon over a now-controversial runway strut during a recent fashion event wherein he walked with a woman seemingly on a leash … Early this week, women’s right group Gabriela referred to Coco’s segment as “a disturbing throwback to concepts of enslaving and subjugating women to male fantasies” ; while the Philippine Commission on Women said the act “dehumanizes and demeans the dignity of women, treating their bodies as mere sex objects and commodities.”

MB/October 3, 2014/Opinions and Editorials/Reuters

Report: Online abuse of women in Pakistan turns into real-world violence

Islamabad, Pakistan— Internet abuse of women in Pakistan is triggering real world violence against them, but large social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, are moving too slowly to stop it, Internet rights group Bytes for All said.

BW/October 3, 2014/Nation/Carmencita A. Carillo

Police chief’s reinstatement draws flak from women advocates

DAVAO CITY -- The reinstatement of the city’s police chief a month after being suspended for abuse complaints filed by his wife, drew flak from various women’s groups.

PDI/October 2, 2014/Business/Ben O. de Vera

More women joining top management of PH firms


MANILA, Philippines–More and more women are joining the top management of Philippine-based companies, according to the research arm of global financial services giant Credit Suisse Group.

MST/October 1, 2014/Lifestyle/Dinna Chan Vasquez

Transforming the lives of women in Vietnam

Two inspired young finalists saw their projects recognised and awarded at the Project Inspire 2014 Grand Finals which were held in Singapore. Their inspirational projects transforming the lives of disadvantaged women in Vietnam and Cambodia received grants totaling $35,000.

PDI/September 30, 2014/World/AP

Iceland announces men-only UN meeting on women

UNITED NATIONS — Iceland is announcing a U.N. conference on women and gender equality — and only men and boys are invited. The country’s foreign affairs minister told the U.N. General Assembly of world leaders on Monday that the January “barbershop” conference will be unique, “as it will be the first time at the United Nations that we bring together only men leaders to discuss gender equality.”

MT/September 30, 2014/News/Tessa Mauricio-Arriola

Coco Martin issues apology for Bench brouhaha, stands to lose 3 major endorsement contracts

Coco Martin is reportedly on the verge of losing three major endorsement contracts if he fails to appease women’s groups who cried foul over his allegedly sexist segment during the hugely controversial The Naked Truth Bench denim and underwear fashion show on September 20.

MST/September 30, 2014/World news/AFP

Britain mulls women-only carriages due to sex assaults

BIRMINGHAM - Britain may consider women-only carriages on trains in a bid to combat a rising number of sexual assaults on commuters, the transport minister said on Monday.

MST/September 30, 2014/Provinces/A. Perez Rimando

Counseling to stem teenage pregnancies

DIPOLOG CITY, Zamboanga del Norte—Rising cases of teenage pregnancy in public and private high schools in Mindanao and other regions of the country can be can be stemmed through effective educators and guidance counselors.

MB/September 30, 2014/Provincial/Alexander D. Lopez

Prostitutes as young as 9 in Davao, says women’s group

Davao City  – A group that works for the welfare of women, especially those lured into  prostitution, recently aired their concern over the growing number of girls, some as young as 9, that scour the streets of Davao City at nighttime, selling themselves for meager sums of money for survival.

MB/September 30, 2014/Opinions and Editorials

Awareness: International Day of Older Persons

The global community celebrates International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) or senior citizens on October 1 to draw public attention to older people as a new power for development. According to the World Health Organization, there are today around 600 million persons aged 60 years and over worldwide. This figure is expected to double by 2025 and reach two billion by 2050.

MB/September 30, 2014/Entertainment news/Alex Brosas

Coco apologizes for fashion event gaffe

Coco Martin has apologized for his controversial segment in the “Naked Truth” fashion event of Bench … “Humihingi po ako ng patawad at pag-intindi sa mga kinauukulan kasama ang pangako na magiging mas sensitibo ako sa mga isyung may patungkol sa karapatang pantao at pangkababaihan,” Martin said as quoted by Kris.

MST/September 29, 2014/Lifestyle/MST News, Julia Zappe

Malaysian transgenders 'live in fear' of arrest, abuse

SEREMBAN - Aryana had just returned to her home one night in June when Malaysian Islamic-purity enforcers burst in, ransacking her apartment and arresting her for cross-dressing.

MB/September 29, 2014 /World/AP

Jane Fonda bares mother’s rape, suicide

Beverly Hills, Calif.  – Jane Fonda told an audience of activists and philanthropists that her mother had been sexually abused as a child before eventually committing suicide at 42. Fonda shared the personal story at an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rape Treatment Center, which provides comprehensive free treatment for sexual assault victims.

BW/September 29, 2014 /Opinion

What we need: Women directors

I JUST ATTENDED the Asia Institute of the Women Corporate Directors and found out there is a need for a thousand, yes, 1,000 women directors just for Singaporean companies over the next six years. This was announced by Magnus Bocker, CEO of the Singapore Stock Exchange, during his interview with Ong Pang Thye, head of audit at KPMG Singapore, KPMG being one of the main drivers and sponsors of WCD.

PS/September 28, 2014/Headlines/Paolo Romero

Bigger role for women in Bangsamoro region pushed

MANILA, Philippines - Women lawmakers and non-government organizations are pushing the approval of provisions in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that would strengthen the participation of women in the new autonomous entity.

MST/September 28, 2014/Lifestyle/Ed Biado

The leash as an afterthought

Fashion has a way of borrowing from the many aspects of the human existence and “translating” them into style statements. Some can be as mundane as getting inspired by an exotic vacation while others cross lines, like fashion magazine editorials depicting murder, self-harm or rape and advertising campaigns glamorizing violence, gore or disasters.

MST/September 28, 2014/Opinion/Bloomberg

Boys, drunken girls and paternalism

Given the mounting concern about sexual assault on college campuses, you might expect activists to welcome a fraternity adviser’s message that Greek houses should take positive steps to protect inebriated women from potential dangers.

BM/September 28, 2014 /Education/Oliver Samson

Seven IP women train in India to become solar-power engineers

SEVEN indigenous mothers who have never attended formal education flew last week to India to train for six months on solar-power engineering in a school run by a non-governmental organization. The seven women came from tribal communities in Central and Northern Luzon that remain powerless to this day.

MST/September 27, 2014/Opinion/Elizabeth Angsioco

Unleashing women

This week proved that feminism remains relevant. Retail giant Bench presented “Naked Truth”, its underwear “fashion show” last September 20.  In one segment, an actor was shown leading an acrobatic “bitch” by a leash.  The visual metaphor of a woman-as-bitch, which is also a derogatory term used to describe outspoken women, turning “tricks” was called out by many women and men for being offensive. The company quickly apologized.

MST/September 27, 2014/Lifestyle/AFP

Bill Gates says progress made on new super-thin condom

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said Thursday progress is being made on developing a "next-generation" ultra-thin, skin-like condom that could offer better sexual pleasure, help population control and be financed by first-world investors … - 'Put family planning in hands of women' - Gates' wife, Melinda, told the same forum the foundation was also investing in developing a lozenge-like contraceptive tablet that would be placed in the vagina, and which "could put family planning in the hands of women".

MB/September 27, 2014/Metro/AFP

Ultra-Orthodox Jews’ refusal to sit near women triggers flight chaos

Jerusalem – Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men delayed take-off of a transatlantic flight by refusing to sit next to women, and then caused chaos once it was airborne, a report said Friday.

MB/September 27, 2014/World/AP

Indonesian province to punish gay sex by caning

Banda Aceh, Indonesia – Lawmakers in a conservative Muslim Indonesian province passed a law Saturday that punishes gay sex by public caning and subjects non-Muslims to the region’s strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.


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UN WomenWatch/October 3, 2014

World Investment Forum - Session on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality

This event is a moderated dialogue on the ways in which TNCs and foreign investment can play a role in supporting women's empowerment and gender equality in emerging and developing countries.

UN Women/October 3, 2014

States must prioritize gender equality in social and economic policies to prevent global economic crises — new UN Women report

States must prioritize gender equality in social and economic policies to prevent global economic crises — new UN Women report

New York Times/October 3, 2014/Michelle Innis

Australian Premier Urges Review of Seating Rule for Women in Face Veils

SYDNEY, Australia — Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia asked the speaker of the House of Representatives on Friday to reconsider a decision to make women who wear face-covering veils sit in segregated areas of Parliament’s public galleries.

The Guardian/October 3, 2014/Faiza Zerouala

Headscarf ban turns France’s Muslim women towards homeworking

Headscarf ban in French public service jobs turns many Muslim women towards self-employed e-trading … The French parliament has passed several laws on when and where women can wear headscarves. In March 2004 school staff were banned from wearing insignia or garments displaying a religious allegiance. In April 2007 the rules were also applied to those delivering a public service. There are no specific rules for private firms.

IPS/October 1, 2014/Joseph Chamie

OPINION: On Reproductive Rights, Progress with Concerns

NEW YORK, Oct 1 2014 (IPS) - For most of human history, reproductive rights essentially meant men and women accepting the number, timing and spacing of their children, as well as possible childlessness. All this changed radically in the second half of the 20th century with the introduction of new medical technologies aimed at both preventing and assisting human reproduction.

IPS/October 1, 2014/Ignatius Banda

Zimbabwe’s Family Planning Dilemma

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe - Pregnant at 15, Samantha Yakubu* is in a fix. The 16-year-old boy she claims was responsible for her pregnancy has refused to accept her version of events, insisting that he was “not the only one who slept with her”.

The Guardian/October 1, 2014/Melissa Davey

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study

Women aged from 14 to 25 say they will avoid certain careers because of sexism and less than 1% want to be in politics … Australia trivialises and sexualises women in senior and leadership positions, a gender and media academic has said, as a new study reports that young women are rejecting certain career paths because of an overwhelming perception they will face sexism.

BBC News/October 1, 2014/Carine Torbey

Tunisian women take a 'step backwards'

"Women in Tunisia have the required self-confidence to become decision makers but what they lack are some leadership skills," says the coach leading the non-governmental organisation workshop in the capital, Tunis, teaching them how to organise an electoral campaign.

IPS/September 30, 2014/Stella Paul

Lack of Accountability Fuels Gender-Based Violence in India

CHIRANG, India - On a bright March morning, a 17-year old tribal girl woke as usual, and went to catch fish in the village river in the Chirang district of India’s northeastern Assam state.

Bytes for All, Pakistan/September 29, 2014

Pioneering research launched on tech driven violence against women in Pakistan

Islamabad: Technology based violence is exposing women to the entire spectrum of conceivable harms in Pakistan. Victims of technology based violence have suffered physical violence ranging from rape to attempted assassination, psycho-social harms and loss of development opportunities. This was revealed in a research report launched by Bytes for All, Pakistan in Islamabad. The report can be downloaded from here.




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UN Women/October 2014

The Global Economic Crisis and Gender Equality

The 2007-2008 global financial crisis and subsequent austerity policies have put the realization of women’s economic and social rights in jeopardy. The resulting job losses, decreased social services and increased economic insecurity have weakened the capacity of people to perform the unpaid care work that is so critical for human well-being and social development.


Business & Human Rights Resource Centre/September 2014

The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management

Greater diversity in boards and management are empirically associated with higher returns on equity, higher price/book valuations and superior stock price performance ... New findings emerge from this added management analysis – we find no evidence that female led companies reflect greater financial conservatism where leverage is concerned. Also, dividend payout ratios have been shown to be higher.




Bytes For All/September 2014

Technology Driven Violence against Women

The report titled “Technology Driven Violence against Women” consolidates findings from three case studies featuring women who have survived violence and abuse originating from misuse of technology. These case studies identify the gaps in remedial options available to women who are victimised by digital technologies.  The report highlights that, incidents of violence against women online are carried on with full impunity and often result in a spillage of violence in the offline sphere. The report talks of the specific context in Pakistan, where charges of blasphemy, of being an Indian or American agent or other such labels are usually evoked to target victims of hate speech.