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August 23 - 29, 2014

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MT/August 29, 2014 2014/Regions/PNA

Lawmakers to review environmental policies

GENERAL SANTOS CITY: The country’s women legislators on Friday agreed to push for comprehensive reviews of environmental policies to improve the capability of local governments in addressing environmental issues. This was the consensus of the Lady Local Legislators League (FOUR-L Philippines) comprising 100 members after the three-day National Convention in Koronadal City.

MB/August 29, 2014 2014/Business/Edu Lopez

NEDA sees meeting MDG target in access to elementary education

Access to elementary education has improved since 1990 as the country’s probability of attaining the 2015 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of 100 percent was elevated from low to high, due to the recomputation of the net enrolment ratio and gross enrolment rate data, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) … On promoting gender equality and women empowerment, the gender gap in education appears to be in favor of girls as far as participation in basic education is concerned, said Balisacan.

BW/August 29, 2014 2014/Nation/Carmencita A. Carillo

Women’s groups in Davao up in arms against city police chief

DAVAO CITY -- Women’s groups in the city are putting up a fight against Sr. Supt. Vicente D. Danao, Jr., chief of the Davao City police office, who they claim has violated local, national, and international laws protecting women.

BM/August 29, 2014 2014/Business/Marilou Guieb

Women into the wild: Farmers cultivate wild ‘camote’ as sweet treasures underground

SHOULD camote or sweet potato really be regarded as a poor man’s crop? … A research by El Centro Internacional de la Papaa-Food Security through Asian Roots and Tubers (CIP-FoodStart) established the Philippines as one of the major producers of roots and tubers in Asia … THE Foodstart project in Cordillera is just one of the areas supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations … The project in the Cordillera, however, has a rather unique feature: women participation.

BM/August 29, 2014 2014/Regions/Cai U. Ordinario

Early sexual intercourse among teenagers high in rural areas

MORE teenagers living in rural areas have engaged in their first sexual intercourse even before they turn 15 years old, according to data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

BM/August 29, 2014 2014/Banking & Finance

Features: MCC-funded community projects contribute to sustainable development in poor barangays

A HEALTH station within the community’s reach used to be a far-fetched dream for the residents of Barangay Cabuyo, Torrijos, Marinduque. For the 406 households in the village, getting access to health-care services meant traveling several kilometers by foot, including crossing a river, to reach the nearest health station in another town … Since then, pregnant women need not cross rivers to go to a health center in another town for a prenatal checkup. Children get their regular medical checkup from either a midwife or a certified barangay health worker. Basic health-care facilities and equipment are available for the people.

PS/August 28, 2014 2014/Education and Home

Women as engineers: Engineering is essential to health, happiness and safety

MANILA, Philippines - Engineering may seem like a man’s world, but women throughout history have created an enduring legacy in the field, many overcoming discrimination to give rise to some of the most significant innovations.

BW/August 28, 2014 2014/Labor/Bloomberg

Top-ranked women still left off CEO track

MARY BARRA made corporate history seven months ago when she became the first female chief executive officer (CEO) of a major global car maker. Yet for all the gains made by women in the highest levels of US companies, most are still in the wrong jobs if they want to follow Ms. Barra’s career path.

BM/August 28, 2014 2014/Opinion/Luzviminda A. Villanueva

Helping women’s enterprises to ‘level up’ 2


FUNDING for these activities came from different sources, and what made this initiative more responsive is that it has improved the microentrepreneurs’ products in terms of quality, shelf life and packaging.

BW/August 28, 2014 2014/Economy/BCBP

One in ten young Filipinas pregnant or mothers -- PSA

ONE in ten Filipinas aged 15 to 19 are pregnant or are already mothers, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said.

BM/August 27, 2014 2014/World/AP

1,400 children exploited in UK town, report finds

LONDON—About 1,400 children were sexually exploited in a northern England town, a report concluded on Tuesday in a damning account of “collective failures” by authorities to prevent victims as young as 11 from being beaten, raped and trafficked over a 16-year period.

MT/August 25, 2014 2014/Featured columns/Chit Juan

A new, sustainable world

FOR many years now, our small producers of handicraft, artisanal crafts, and woven fabrics could never compete in the world market. There would always be China or Thailand that could make it cheaper, better and plentier.

MB/August 24, 2014 2014/Metro/Charissa Luci

Add’l requirements sought for foreigners desiring to marry Filipino women

A woman lawmaker has asked her colleagues to move forward the final passage of a House measure that prescribes additional requirements for foreigners who desire to marry a Filipina before Congress adjourns on Sept. 27.

MB/August 23, 2014 2014/Business/AFP

ASEAN 2015 may worsen gender inequality – study

Jakarta – A plan by Southeast Asian countries to establish a European Union-inspired single market next year could worsen inequality and is likely to benefit men more than women, a new study warned.

MB/August 23, 2014 2014/Provincial/Malou M. Mozo

Women entrepreneurs program to be replicated

Mandaue City, Cebu – The Cebu provincial government is strongly urging local government units in the province to replicate the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)’s Search for WINNERs (Women in Need Now Entrepreneurs and Role) program recognizing women micro-entrepreneurs role model in their respective barangays in a pageant that celebrates stories of their perseverance and rise from poverty through entrepreneurship.

MB/August 23, 2014 2014/Provincial/PIA

Buntis Congress’

Koronadal City (PIA) – About a hundred pregnant women in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat, gathered at the municipal gymnasium for the first Buntis Congress in the town.



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APC/August 28, 2014/FF

Impacting global advocacy on tech-related violence against women through regional IGFs

Partners of the “End Violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project have participated in three regional internet governance forums (Africa IGF, Asia Pacific IGF, LAC IGF). APC interviewed our members who attended and the impact their participation had on tech-related violence against women.

ILO/August 26, 2014/Sophy Fisher

Young workers in Asia face instability and vulnerability

BANGKOK (ILO News) – Nearly half of workers aged 15−29 in Asia and the Pacific are self-employed and two in three youth are in paid work without a written contract, says a new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO). According to the study, Labour market transitions of young women and men in Asia and the Pacific, informality and vulnerable employment are the reality for the vast majority of young workers in region.

UN Women/August 26, 2014

Coming of age, youth become gender equality champions in Kyrgyzstan

By the shores of the deep blue Issyk-Kul Lake in the Tian Shan Mountains in north-eastern Kyrgyzstan, the sound of happy adolescent laughter echoes across the normally tranquil Sinegorye resort. In July 2014, more than 40 students and several teachers from seven regions of Kyrgyzstan gathered there to learn skills and deepen their knowledge of gender equality and the empowerment of girls.

NYT/August 26, 2014/Thomas Fuller

Thailand’s Business in Paid Surrogates May Be Foundering in a Moral Quagmire

PAK OK, Thailand — Soon after the first surrogate mother from this remote village gave birth, neighbors noticed her new car and conspicuous home renovations, sending ripples of envy through the wooden houses beside rice paddies and tamarind groves.

IPS/August 26, 2014/Joan Erakit

How Midwives on Sierra Leone’s Almost Untouched Turtle Islands are Improving Women’s Health

MATTRU JONG, Sierra Leone, Aug 26 2014 (IPS) - Emmanuel is a male midwife. At the age of 26, he lives and works on one of eight islands off the southwest peninsular of Sierra Leone, an hour by speedboat from Mattru Jong, the capital of Bonthe District.

ILO/August 26, 2014

ILO Director-General: "Work claims more victims than war"

FRANKFURT (ILO News) – Calling for “a culture of intolerance towards risks at work,” International Labour Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder told nearly 4,000 participants at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work that safety and health will be an integral part of all the ILO’s work.

IPS/August 25, 2014/Naimul Haq

Bangladeshi Girls Seek Equal Opportunity

RANGPUR, Bangladesh (IPS) - Until five years ago, Shima Aktar, a student in Gajaghanta village in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh, about 370 km northwest of the capital Dhaka, was leading a normal life. But when her father decided that it was time for her to conform to purdah, a religious practice of female seclusion, things changed.

Forbes/August 25, 2014/Zeynep Ilgaz

Lead Like A Girl: How To Empower Women At Every Level

What does it mean to do something “like a girl”? A popular ad from Always tried to answer that question by asking subjects to demonstrate running, fighting, and throwing “like a girl” … While close to 52 percent of professional jobs are held by women, we’re substantially underrepresented in leadership roles. Only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. At this rate, it’s estimated that women won’t achieve leadership parity until 2085.

UN/August 25, 2014

HIV infections on rise among young gay men, other at-risk groups in Thailand – UN study


An estimated 70 per cent of new sexually transmitted infections cases are occurring among young people, especially among men who have sex with men, those involved in sex work and those who inject drugs in Thailand, where "social media, online dating websites and mobile application make it much easier for young people to meet others in order to engage in casual sex," says a new United Nations report.




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ILO/August 27, 2014

Labour market transitions of young women and men in Asia and the Pacific

This report presents the results of the School-to-work transition surveys (SWTS) implemented in five countries in the Asia-Pacific region – Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Samoa and Viet Nam – in 2012 or 2013.