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February 20 - 26, 2016

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PDI/February 26, 2016/  Business/ Queena N. Lee-Chua

Women in family businesses

“Why do we have to append the adjective ‘woman’ or ‘female’ in front of CEO, GM, or entrepreneur?” asks my friend Linda, a feisty 50-something second-generation head of their family trading business. “I get it. Women are still under-represented in business, whether in the corporate world or in SMEs. But to highlight the fact that a business leader is a woman has a patronizing tone to it—that we have managed to lean in even harder, as Sheryl Sandberg would put it, or that somehow by dint of luck or open-minded male colleagues, we have somehow managed to get our foot in the door, and to touch the glass ceiling.”

BM/February 26, 2016/  Elderly/ PNA

Safeguards sought on LGBT rights

ILOILO CITY—City Councilor Candice Magdalane A. Tupas will hold focus group discussions (FGDs) to determine the kind of livelihood program appropriate for stay-at-home mothers. “Women like me should know how to look for their own money,” said Tupas, who is also a doctor by profession. Tupas said she will also hold consultations with corporations, as “working from home is a big issue.”.

TS/February 25, 2016/  Showbitz/ Nickie Wang

Habitat’s women build for the second time

JPMorgan Chase & Co. women employees built homes to celebrate Valentine’s Day festivities by taking part in Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ Women Build in Stonewell, Sto Tomas, Batangas, on Feb. 13. More than 50 women volunteers took part in constructing homes for families in need of decent and affordable homes.

MB/February 25, 2016/  World/ AP

In Uganda, men are abused by their wives


Kampala, Uganda – One partner fled the family home, citing abuse and a death threat. Another charged that the spouse hid the title deeds to the family property and secretly transferred ownership. In both cases those complaining are men. Majority of Uganda’s cases of domestic abuse are of violence perpetrated by men against women. But traditional sexual roles are shifting in this East African country and now some men are alleging they are being victimized.

MB/February 25, 2016/  Entertainment/ AFP

Singer Kesha urges women to speak out amid abuse suit


NEW YORK (AFP) – The singer Kesha vowed Wednesday to help fellow women speak out about against abuse as she fights to be released from a contract with a producer she accuses of rape. Kesha last week lost one round in her battle as a New York judge refused to suspend her exclusive recording contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, which is part of the Sony Music conglomerate. The 28-year-old singer has said in a lawsuit that Dr. Luke — who has worked with leading stars including Katy Perry — drugged her and assaulted her sexually, physically and emotionally.

MB/February 21, 2016/  Provincial/ Ben Rosario

Solon pushes declaration of Feb. 1 as National ‘Hijab’ day


A partylist congresswoman has sought the declaration of the first day of February of each year as National Hijab Day. Anak Mindanao Rep. Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman said House Bill 5443 will coincide with the World Hijab Day that was launched in 2013. “Hijab” as a veil that covers the head and chest which is particularly worn by a Muslim female beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. It can further refer to any head, face or body covering worn by Muslim women (Hijabis) that conforms to a certain standard of modesty. “It is our aim to raise awareness and to put a stop to all sorts of discriminations, including discrimination against Muslim Women,” Turabin-Hataman said.

MB/February 21, 2016/  Business/ Bloomberg

Lagarde’s ease in winning new IMF term belies harder road


For Christine Lagarde, winning a second term heading the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was the easy part. Now come challenges ranging from a lackluster global recovery to dealing with financial hot spots including Greece and Ukraine. Lagarde, 60, was reappointed “by consensus” Friday to a second five-year term as managing director of the IMF said in a statement. Her tenure will run through July 2021. The Fund’s executive board, which represents 188-member countries, said last week that no one else was nominated to oppose her as head of the lender.

BM/February 21, 2016/  Features/ AP

‘Healthy, holy’ female friendships OK

A BOARD THE PAPAL PLANE—Pope Francis says even popes need women and can sustain “healthy, holy” friendships with them. Francis was asked en route home from Mexico on Wednesday about reports of a close friendship between Saint John Paul II and a philosopher, Anna Teresa Tymieniecka, that emerged from their correspondence.

PDI/February 20, 2016/  News

Girl Scout leaders, WAGGGS headed by Nicola Grinstead visit GSP


The Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) welcomed the Chair’s Team of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (Wagggs), headed by Nicola Grinstead, who arrived in Manila on February 5.

Miss Grinstead is chair of Wagggs, the largest voluntary movement in the world dedicated to transforming the lives of girls and young women.

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News article brief/URL access February 23, 2016/ Mikkel Bolante and Jacqueline Mercado

Female candidates may be more 'winnable' than we realize. So why aren't there more women in office?

Here in the Philippines, males elected into key postions far outnumber that of their female counterparts. Of the 12 senators who won in the 2013 Philippine mid-term polls, two-thirds (eight) of them were men, while only one-third (four) were women. In the House of Representatives, there were 174 males - over 74 percent - elected as compared to just 60 women. Of the 1,622 mayors elected in 2013, 80 percent are male. There are five provinces where the mayors of the cities and municipalities are exclusively men.

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UN CHR/ February 26, 2016

UNHCR, UNICEF launch plan to protect refugee women and children

GENEVA– UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and UNICEF today launched a joint initiative to increase protection for the growing numbers of children and others with specific needs arriving in Europe. UNHCR and its sister agency announced they were scaling up 20 Child and Family Protection Support Hubs, known as "Blue Dots," along the most frequently used migration routes in Europe.

IPS News/ February 26, 2016/ Stella Paul

Faith Leaders Join the Fight against Child Marriage

Mahbubnagar, India - Anger is an inner demon that one must have a strong grip on, believes Virayya Shastri – head priest of Maddi Madugu Anjaneya Swamy temple in southern India’s Mahbubnagar district. But mention ‘child marriage’ and the priest finds himself struggling to stay calm. ““Early marriage ruins a girl’s body and scars her mind. There is no way you can call yourself a believer when you support such a thing,” says the priest turned anti-child marriage advocate.

UN Women/ February 24, 2016

Fiji cyclone appeal: Help keep women and girls safe and support rebuilding efforts

On 20 February 2016, Fiji was hit by one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. Wind gusts of over 300 km per hour flattened villages, destroyed crops and damaged critical infrastructure. Around 98 per cent of the population has been affected, the majority of whom are women and children.

IPS News/ February 24, 2016/ Zahid Hussain

The Law of Forgiveness

More than 1,000 women are killed in the name of honourin this country every year, according to official figures. But the actual numbers are believed to be much higher. Saba Qaiser, 19, would have been one of them had she not miraculously survived drowning in a river after having been shot in the head. Unsurprisingly, those who tried to finish her off were none other than her own relatives her father and uncle as happens in most such cases of `honour`crime. February 24, 2016/ Tamara Pupic

Glowork launches female-only recruitment app

Glowork, a Saudi Arabia-based social enterprise focused on linking female jobseekers with employers, formally launched its new online business proposition at an event organised by Emirates Foundation on Tuesday. A new female-only recruitment app has been developed to help connect women to job opportunities in the private sector, in addition to the company’s existing online female recruitment platform.

UN Women/ February 23, 2016

Gender Chart reveals how women fared in 2015 global progress

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are behind us now, but as we embark on a new era and take stock of what is left to do, we find progress continues to bypass women, especially the poorest and most marginalized. On the whole, women face greater vulnerability to poverty than men, earn 24 per cent less globally, and despite advances in recent years, hold just 22 per cent of parliamentarian seats. An estimated 303,000 women died in 2015 during pregnancy or from childbirth-related complications, most of these due to a lack of access to basic health care services. These are some of the messages of the final edition of Sustainable Development Goals begin to take their place.

UN Women/ February 23, 2016

New global funding instrument invests in women to accelerate conflict recovery, sustain peace

A new multi-partner effort will be launched tomorrow to assist the international community to respond to today’s complex peace and security challenges and to direct investment in sustainable peace. The Global Acceleration Instrument (GAI) for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action has been established by civil society, the UN and Member States to fill a critical funding gap and to steer resources directly to women’s civil society organizations at the forefront of conflict prevention, conflict resolution and recovery efforts.

ILO/ February 22, 2016


Women in agriculture: Cooking their way to empowerment and visibility

An ILO initiative in north Lebanon is training women on food preparation and marketing, to help them make a living, market excess produce, and carve a visible role for themselves in the agricultural sector.

IPS News/ February 22, 2016/Aliya Bashir

Uneducated Women Entrepreneurs Defeat Poverty

SRINAGAR, India - Maryam Yousuf, 50, gently washes her hands under a common tap outside her house in Saida Kadal, a grassy middle-class locale encircled by the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir’s capital. She puts on a Pheran, the traditional long loose gown, and holding a large steel bucket walks towards a dimly-lit cowshed, made up of wooden shingles, in a corner of her home backyard. Nearby, children are playing cricket, flaunting wooden sticks as bats, and a flock of chicken cluck and nibble at left-over vegetables.

Saudi Gazette/ February 21, 2016

New policies simplify court procedures for women, says NSHR

JEDDAH — The Ministry of Justice has adopted new policies to facilitate legal procedures for women plaintiffs, Makkah newspaper reported on Saturday. National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) Secretary-General Khalid Al-Fakhry said the ministry’s support has enabled many women to file lawsuits and get justice mostly in personal status issues.


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UN Women/ February 2016

MDGs Gender Chart 2015

The final edition of the Gender Chart details how women were faring in global progress in 2015, as the MDGs wrap up and the Sustainable Development Goals begin to take their place. The 2015 Gender Chart, an addendum to the UN Secretary General's 2015 Millennium Development Goals Report, tracks how gender equality is impacted across all the MDGs. By looking at the other goals from a gender perspective, the Gender Chart also emphasizes the inter-linkages between the goals and gender equality and women's empowerment, in making progress on development and in achieving the MDGs.