GAD News Feed for December 26, 2015 - January 1, 2016


December 26, 2015 - January 1, 2016

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BM/January 1, 2016/ Nation/ Jovee Marie de la Cruz

‘Comfort women should get P1-B compensation from Japan’

MEMBERS of the House of Representatives’ Minority Bloc on Thursday urged the government to seek an agreement with Japan to resolve the issue of Filipino comfort women who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II.

TS/December 31, 2015/ Business/ Gabrielle H. Binaday

Unemployment rate fell to 6.5% in 2015

Unemployment rate, or the percentage of jobless Filipinos, fell to 6.5 percent in 2015 from 6.8 percent in 2014, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. Preliminary results of the annual labor and employment estimates for 2015 showed that 2.6 million Filipinos were jobless in 2015 … Unemployed males were recorded at 1.66 million, or 63.7 percent of the total jobless Filipinos while unemployed females reached 940,000.

PDI/December 30, 2015/ News/ Jovic Yee

Shahani earns plaudits for advocacy of women

Former Sen. Leticia Ramos-Shahani was recently feted by the Brahma Kumaris Philippines Spiritual Foundation Inc. for her invaluable contributions to advancing women’s rights not only in the country but worldwide.

MB/December 30, 2015/ World/ AFP

Indonesia’s Muslim women hail female-only motorbike taxis


Jakarta— Female motorbike taxi drivers in headscarves zig-zag through heavy traffic in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, the latest two-wheeled transport service for women making a dent in the male-dominated world of ride-hailing apps in the Muslim nation.

PS/December 28, 2015/ Headlines/ Paolo Romero

Creation of sex offender registry sought

A lawmaker has proposed requiring all convicted sex offenders, including foreign nationals, to register in a national database so that law enforcers will have sufficient information on possible threats that may arise from sexual predators. ACT-CIS party-list Rep. Samuel Pagdilao, vice chairman of the House committee on public order and safety, filed House Bill 6301, which seeks to establish a National Sex Offender Registry System.

MB/December 28, 2015/ Opinions and Editorials

Women are out-earning men in corporate finance


Women may be badly outnumbered in the top ranks of corporate America, but at least they aren’t underpaid. Compensation for female chief financial officers at S&P 500 companies last year outpaced that of their male counterparts, according to an analysis by executive compensation firm Equilar and the Associated Press. It follows a similar trend seen with female CEOs in recent years.

MB/December 27, 2015/ World/ AFP

China officially ends one child policy: state media


China officially ended its one child policy with the signing into law of a bill allowing all married couples to have a second child as it attempts to cope with an ageing population and shrinking workforce. The change, which was announced in October by the ruling Communist Party, takes effect on January 1, the Xinhua news agency reported.

BM/December 27, 2015/ Global Eye/ Los Angeles Times

Jihadis recruit women, but usually not to fight

SHE is popularly known as “the White Widow,” but the truth about the blue-eyed jihadist suspected of orchestrating the deaths of hundreds of people across Africa is as shadowy as the cloaked world of international terrorism she inhabits.

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News article brief/URL access December 30, 2015/AFP

RIDE-SHARING | Indonesia’s Muslim women hail female-only motorbike taxis

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Female motorbike taxi drivers in headscarves zig-zag through heavy traffic in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, the latest two-wheeled transport service for women making a dent in the male-dominated world of ride-hailing apps in the Muslim nation.

DFA/ December 28, 2015

DFA-RCO Lucena conducts gender and development seminar for personnel and their families

Mr. Conrado Vargas, a PCW-accredited GAD Consultant, engaged with the Regional Consular Office (RCO) personnel and their families and led the seminar on Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities (ERPAT) on December 19 at the RCO Lucena premises.

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IPS News/ January 1, 2016/ Lakshmi Puri

2015 – A Giant Leap for Womankind (Part 1)

UNITED NATIONS - 2015, the final year of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), heralds the beginning of the most critical fifteen years for the realization of the new Sustainable Development Agenda that the international community launched along with renewed Climate Change and Financing for Development (FfD) compacts. It also marks a historic conjunction in the realization of the Gender Equality Project – perhaps the most important for humanity in the 21 century. The UN at 70 signaled that it is integrally and unequivocally committed to realizing it.

IPS News/ January 1, 2016/ Catherine Wilson

‘Good, But Not Perfect’, Pacific Islands Women on Climate Deal

CANBERRA, Australia - Women leaders in the Pacific Islands have acclaimed the agreement on reducing global warming achieved at the United Nations (COP21) Climate Change conference in Paris as an unprecedented moment of world solidarity on an issue which has been marked to date by division between the developing and industrialized world. But for Pacific small island developing states, which name climate change as the single greatest threat to their survival, it will only be a success if inspirational words are followed by real action.

IPS News/ December 31, 2015/ Patricia Grogg

Cuba Needs a Law Against Gender Violence

HAVANA - Activists and researchers dedicated to the study of gender violence in Cuba insist on the need for a comprehensive law to protect the victims and prevent the problem, which was publicly ignored until only a few years ago in this socialist Caribbean island nation. Legislation is necessary “because even when the ideal in our society is justice and equality, there are social expressions of violence against women that have been kept invisible, which contributes to the impunity enjoyed by the abusers,” psychologist Valia Solís told IPS.