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October 31-November 6, 2015

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MB/November 5, 2015/ World/ Reuters

Canada PM Trudeau names diverse gender-equal Cabinet


Ottawa, Canada – Liberal leader Justin Trudeau named a young, ethnically diverse and gender-equal Cabinet on Wednesday as he was sworn into office as Canada’s 23rd prime minister, marking the end of nearly a decade of Conservative rule. Trudeau, 43, kicked off his majority government with some controversy with his decision to name an equal number of men and women to a slimmed-down Cabinet, the first time gender parity has been achieved in Canada’s team of ministers.

BW/November 5, 2015/ Labor/ Bloomberg

Women’s education not fixing wage gap


EDUCATION can be transformative, but it isn’t improving the chasm between what men and women make. In fact, the gender pay gap seems to get worse the fancier your degree is, a new report shows.

PDI/November 5, 2015/ Preen/ Pauline Lacanilao

7 Ways We Promote Rape Without Realizing It

Model-slash-actress Kat Alano wants to end this country’s prevalent rape culture. And so should you. Last year in October, she founded, an online platform where she encouraged healthy and honest conversations about rape. But she doesn’t want to keep the discussion within the small fraction that’s directly involved.

PDI/November 4, 2015/ Opinion/ Rina Jimenez-David

Human rights in the delivery room

Some years back, a medical student wrote a letter to the editor published in this newspaper in which she detailed her observations on the treatment of patients in a government-run maternity hospital … Well, it seems the mistreatment of women at the hands of government (and perhaps even private) caregivers is not a phenomenon unique to the Philippines. In a policy brief prepared for the Population Reference Bureau (Karen Newman and Charlotte Feldman Jacobs, authors), media reports about abuses committed against mothers during labor and delivery were cited, along with accounts of how these media reports led to reforms and policy changes in the treatment of patients.

MB/November 3, 2015/ Opinions and Editorials/ Persida V. Rueda-Acosta

Pregnant inmates in Philippine prisons: Securing and saving them with gender-sensitive policy reforms


I am honored to have been given the chance to share with you my study on the plight of pregnant inmates in Philippine jails and prisons, and the need for gender-sensitive innovations and policy reforms to address their specific needs considering their susceptibility to harm and dangers during this particular moment in their lives.

PS/November 2, 2015/ Opinion/ Lila Ramos Shahani

Precarious lives: Women in indigenous communities

Barangay San Jose in South Upi, Maguindanao is dominated by Indigenous Peoples (IPs)—with three of its seven puroks (barangay subdivisions) occupied by the Dulangan Manobo … The Pambansang Koalisyon ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK)—the National Coalition of Rural Women—with the support of United Nations Women, has conducted a revealing study of the Dulangan Manobo women in Barangay San Jose. Most, it would seem, are dependent upon agriculture.

MB/November 2, 2015/ Provincial / Camcer Ordonez Imam

Public hearings on legislative codes

Iligan City – The Sanggunian Panlalawigan (SP) of Lanao del Norte province recently conducted public hearings on five of its new and revised legislative codes that will soon be implemented here in this province.  Members of the SP had visited the four Forum Centers in Lanao del Norte, to discuss the drafts on the Provincial Revised Revenue Code, Gender and Development Code, Children’s Code, Health and Sanitation Code, and Revised Environmental Code.

PDI/October 31, 2015/ News

Tech exec: Level playing field for men, women leads to top performance


Should companies be required to hire an equal number of men and women employees to promote diversity in the workplace? As far as Minette Navarrete is concerned, it is wrong to force the hiring of women just to achieve gender balance in the technology sector.

PDI/October 31, 2015/ Global nation/ Associated Press

Russian women on space test unworried about absence of men

MOSCOW — Before six Russian women began an eight-day simulation of a voyage to the moon, they had to answer a key question: How could they cope for such a long time without men or makeup?

MT/October 31, 2015/ News

NCCA reveals finalists for GADTimpalak 2015

The first NCCA GADTimpalak (Gender and Development Contest), a project of the NCCA Gender Focal Point System (NCCA-G,FPS) received a total of 104 entries for the three categories.

MT/October 31, 2015/ News

12 years, PH age of consent for sex acts is world’s lowest

For generations, the rape and sexual abuse of children has been a regular practice of the human species mostly by men but frequently assisted and enabled by women, too. Philippine laws to justify it have been passed, mostly by men, by setting the age of consent for sexual acts as low as 12 years of age in the Philippines.



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UN/ November 2, 2015

Somalia: UN training course spotlights toll-free hotline to help tackle gender-based violence

A United Nations-supported training course has been held in Somalia after the launch of a toll free hotline for internally displaced persons (IDPs) to tackle sexual violence by enhancing timely response to abuse cases and offering information on accessible health services.

UN Women/ November 2, 2015

Orange the world to end violence against women

This year, to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world, the UNiTE to End Violence against Women Campaign aims to “Orange the world.” During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, from International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November to Human Rights Day on 10 December, “Orange Events” will take place around the world.

The New York Times/ November 2, 2015/ Carol Giacomo

In Saudi Arabia, Where Women’s Suffrage Is a New Idea

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — In December, women in Saudi Arabia will run for public office and vote for the first time. In theory, that should count as an advance for female empowerment in this ultraconservative country, but the reality is more ambiguous.

ILO/ November 2, 2015

Women weave a better future

The ILO has set up weaving centres in one of Pakistan’s poorest provinces to boost the quality of the products, and improve skills and income of the weavers.




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APC/ November 5, 2015

Women’s rights, gender and Internet governance

This issue paper addresses the degree to which gender and women’s rights feature in Internet governance, in multiple interconnected ways including, but certainly not limited to, access, content and representation. Gender and women’s rights occupy a largely rhetorical role in today’s discussion of Internet governance.