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August 22 - 28, 2015

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PDI/August 28, 2015/News

Hillary Clinton likens Republican views on women to terrorists’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday drew parallels between terrorist organizations and the field of Republican candidates for president when it comes to their views on women, telling an audience her potential rivals were pushing outdated policies.

MB/August 27, 2015/News/ Leslie Ann Aquino

Partial divorce bill worries church leaders

The approval of the “partial divorce” bill on third and final reading by the Lower House is getting church leaders worried. They fear that this measure is a prelude to total divorce which the Catholic Church is opposed to.

BM/August 27, 2015/Opinion

Apec women and economy

THESE series of meetings are used to be called the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Women Leaders’ Network (Apec WLN). I was lucky to have attended several WLN meetings in Cairns, Australia; Arequipa, Peru; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; and in 2011, the San Francisco, US, meeting took an interesting turn. It adopted the name change that started in Japan the previous year to Apec Women and Economy Summit (WES).

MB/August 26, 2015/Provincial

Quezon gender learning hub

LUCENA CITY, Quezon — The Provincial Gender and Development of Quezon (PGAD) has been certified as the first gender and development local learning hub in the country by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW). Ofelia Palayan, Quezon-PGAD head, said that the provincial government took nine years to formally create and fine-tune the administrative functions of the PGAD office.

MB/August 25, 2015/World/AFP

UN council holds first-ever meeting on LGBT rights


UN Security Council members on Monday opened their first-ever meeting on LGBT rights to hear Syrian and Iraqi gays tell of terror under Islamic State rule.

PDI/August 23, 2015/Global Nation

Global Filipino women with lasting influence

Oposa: Making waves for change

A MULTIHYPHENATED changemaker, Anna R. Oposa is a freelance writer, public speaker, rescue diver and environmental advocate.

Eduque: Start building legacy

AS A SCION of one of the most influential families in the Philippines, Alex M. Eduque is far from being the typical young heiress. She spends most of her time living the legacy of her grandmother, Doña Consuelo “Chito” Madrigal, a distinguished banker and philanthropist, whose foundation believes in “philanthropy that creates productivity and charity that enables capability.”

MST/August 23, 2015/Main Stories

UN agencies make strong pitch for women-workers

The United Nations represented by the International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organization (WHO) call for a stronger support base in the Philippines to enable women to combine breastfeeding and work, in observance of Breastfeeding Awareness Month this August.

MB/August 22, 2015/World/AP

Army chief weighing decision on women in combat


Fort Benning, Georgia – The Army’s new chief of staff, Gen. Mark Milley, is taking a calculated approach to arguably the most consequential decision of his early tenure – whether to recommend that any all-male combat roles remain closed to women.


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openDemocracy/ August 28, 2015/ Jane Freedman

Who’s responsible for violence against migrant women?

Migrant women are vulnerable to violence at all stages of their journey due to gendered inequalities and relations of domination. Current EU policies restricting migration exacerbate their vulnerability.

IPS News/August 27, 2015/ Katie Riordan

Winning Women a Greater Say in Somaliland’s Policy-Making

HARGEISA - Bar Seed is the only female member in Somaliland’s 82-person Parliament, but activists hope upcoming national elections may end her isolation. Gender equality advocates in the self-declared nation are currently renewing a push for a quota for women in government that has been over a decade in the making.

UN Women/August 26, 2015

UN Women Executive Director to return to Tokyo

On 28 August, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka will address an international gathering of leaders of government, business and civil society at the second World Assembly of Women in Tokyo hosted by the Government of Japan.

Time/August 26, 2015/Heather Jones

This Graphic Shows Why We Still Need Women’s Equality Day

Wednesday is Women’s Equality Day, which celebrates the 95th anniversary of when American women finally won the right to vote in 1920.

Al-Monitor/August 26, 2015/Ahmed Fouad

Here comes the ... child bride? Despite legal restrictions, underage marriage persists in rural Egypt


CAIRO — Eid Albanna, an Egyptian from South Sinai, posted a photo of the engagement ceremony of his daughter Salma, 5, to her cousin Youssef, 8, on Facebook July 21. He did not expect the wave of criticism that ensued, nor was he prepared for the controversy over underage marriage the photo sparked in Egypt.

Think Progress/August 24, 2015/Beenish Ahmed

Saudi Arabian Women Finally Get A Vote. But Will They Have A Voice?

Women in Saudi Arabia began registering to vote over the weekend — for the first time in that country’s history. They will allowed to sign up to contest elections next weekend. “The participation of the Saudi women in the municipal elections as voters and candidates was a dream for us,” Jamal Al-Saadi, the first women to register to vote in the city of Madinah told the Saudi Gazette. “The move will enable Saudi women to have a say in the process of the decision-making.”

IPS News/August 24, 2015/ Stella Paul

Shifting Sands: How Rural Women in India Took Mining into their Own Hands

GUNTUR, India - Thirty-seven-year-old Kode Sujatha stands in front of a hut with a palm-thatched roof, surrounded by a group of men shouting angrily and jostling one another for a spot at the front of the crowd.