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August 15 - 21, 2015

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PDI/August 21, 2015/News

First women to pass US Army’s Ranger School speaks out

FORT BENNING, United States—The first women to pass the grueling training course at the US Army’s elite Ranger School said Thursday they hoped their success would open doors for women seeking jobs in frontline combat.

MT/August 20, 2015/News/ AFP

New claims of rape by UN peacekeepers in C.Africa


UNITED NATIONS: United Nations officials have received disturbing new allegations that peacekeepers in the Central African Republic raped three young women — the latest in a series of recent claims against the UN mission there.

MT/August 19, 2015/News/ AFP

US regulators approve ‘female Viagra’

WASHINGTON: US regulators Tuesday approved the first “female Viagra,” a drug known as Addyi that works on the brain to boost younger women’s libido if they have lost interest in sex.

MT/August 17, 2015/News/ Neil A. Alcober

Coca-Cola exec meets Tesda women retailers

CHIEF executive officer Muhtar Kent of beverage giant Coca-Cola International Company, on Monday witnessed the graduation of some 1,000 women sari-sari (variety) store and carinderia (food stall) owners who have undergone training under the Sari-sari Store Training and Access to Resources STAR Program, a partnership of Coca-Cola Philippines and the Technical and Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).

MT/August 15, 2015/Opinion/ Fr. Shay Cullen

Legalizing prostitution is not the answer

THERE are some deadly aspects of prostitution where women are victims of different forms of bondage; situations where they suffer and are abused but can’t escape from. Sex workers are victims of exploitation, coercion and violence. That is the norm and practice of prostitution and it works against sex workers and is a terrible violation of their civil and human rights … The Amnesty International declaration wants to make legal the sex for sale business as a whole … Whoever came up with that policy in Amnesty International is not being true to the great and noble reputation and tradition of AI, one of the world’s leading human rights organizations with wise and sensible policies and practices. It has been spot on in all it’s great campaigns. Its present leaders have gone beyond commonsense and are ideologically convinced and motivated but unaware of the reality of the cruel human condition of sex workers in dire circumstances.


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IPS News/ August 20, 2015/ Edgardo Ayala

The Future Tastes Like Chocolate for Rural Salvadoran Women

CALUCO/MERCEDES UMAÑA, El Salvador - Idalia Ramón and 10 other rural Salvadoran women take portions of the freshly ground chocolate paste, weigh it, and make chocolates in the shapes of stars, rectangles or bells before packaging them for sale.

BBC News/ August 20, 2015/Frank Gardner

The crucial role of women within Islamic State

Islamic State, also known as Isis, has a dual attitude to women. On the one hand it treats those it considers heretics as almost sub-human, as commodities to be traded and given away as rewards to jihadist fighters. Shocking footage from a modern-day sex-slave market in Mosul, Iraq, shows militants discussing prices for Yazidi girls, captured last year, many of them underage. At least 2,000 Yazidi women are still being held, only a few have escaped.

UN Women/ August 19, 2015

UN Women welcomes CEDAW General Recommendation on women’s access to justice

UN Women welcomes the recently published General recommendation no. 33 on women’s access to justice by the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), adopted in late July.

UN Women/ August 18, 2015

Indian actor Anupam Kher pinned as HeForShe Champion

Renowned Indian actor, teacher, motivational speaker and philanthropist Anupam Kher was pinned as a HeForShe Champion by UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri on 18 August, in New York.

UN Women/ August 18, 2015

Making sure women play an active role in emergency response and disaster reduction

Crises impact women, girls, boys and men differently. While often sidelined, women must be included in decision-making about the kind of assistance and protection they need during crisis. UN Women works to ensure equality between women and men as both partners and beneficiaries of humanitarian action.

UN Women/ August 18, 2015

Gender Equality Update highlights results of Nepal’s Post-Disaster Needs Assessment

In its fourth edition, the UN Women and OCHA-led Gender Working Group’s Gender Equality Update highlights the results of Nepal’s Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), along with news and key facts summaries related to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the emergency response after the earthquakes in Nepal.

Portland Press Herald/ August 18, 2015/ Julia Smirnova

Global gender discrepancy slightly tilted in men’s favor

WASHINGTON — Overall, there are slightly more men than women in the world. According to United Nations estimates for 2015, there are 101.8 men for each 100 women, with the number of men rising gradually each year since 1960. But a map by the Pew Research Center with the latest U.N. data clearly shows that men and women are distributed unequally around the globe. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, for example, women outnumber men. Conversely, there are more men than women in Asia, Arab countries and Northern Africa.

The Washington Post/ August 18, 2015/ Dan Lamothe

As women finish Ranger course, military faces new pressure on gender barriers

The graduation this week of two female soldiers from the Army’s famously difficult Ranger School has put new pressure on the U.S. military to make women eligible to serve across its combat ranks, current and former U.S. officials said.

All Africa/ August 18, 2015/ Tzili Mor

Namibia: Women's Rights and Customary Wrongs

ONE OF the greatest challenges facing women in much of the world is the gap between their legal rights and their ability as individuals to claim them. National constitutions are increasingly likely to guarantee gender equality, but many also recognise the authority of parallel legal systems based on custom, religion, or ethnic affiliation. And, unfortunately, law in many parts of the world has not kept up with changing times.

The New York Times/ August 17, 2015/ Katrin Bennhold

Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Girls

LONDON — The night before Khadiza Sultana left for Syria she was dancing in her teenage bedroom. It was a Monday during the February school vacation. Her niece and close friend, at 13 only three years younger than Khadiza, had come for a sleepover. The two girls wore matching pajamas and giggled as they gyrated in unison to the beat.

IPS News/ August 17, 2015/ Lakshmi Puri

The U.N. at 70: Leading the Global Agenda on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality – Part Two

UNITED NATIONS - The efforts of the United Nations and the global women’s movement to promote the women’s rights agenda and make it a top international priority saw its culmination in the creation of U.N. Women, by the General Assembly in 2010.