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May 2 – 8, 2015

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PDI/May 8, 2015/Technology

Bills passed protecting women, kids on Internet

MANILA, Philippines–The House of Representatives has approved on second reading two key bills seeking to protect women from physical violence and from abuse on the Internet. The House approved on second reading House Bill No. 5675 which expands the coverage of sexual harassment violations in the workplace and schools. The third and final reading is just a formality.

MB/May 8, 2015/Featured/ Paulo Cuento

Philippines’ ranks 105 out of 179 on global mother’s index


The Philippines’ remained at 105th position out of the 179 countries surveyed as the best and toughest places to be a mother, according to an US-based independent children’s organization Save the Children. In its 16th State of the World’s Mothers’ index, the group said the Philippines ranked lower than Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, but higher than Timor-Leste and Indonesia.

PS/May 7, 2015/Headlines/ Rosette Adel

Solon wants passage of bill empowering women in businesses

A lawmaker has filed a bill which aims to involve women in the field of trade and business by developing a national program creating an interagency committee on women’s business enterprise. House Bill 5251 authored by Rep. Delphine Gan Lee of AGRI Party-list seeks to empower women especially at a time when the country is undergoing economic setbacks.

MB/May 7, 2015/World/ AP

4 get death sentence for mob killing of woman


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan court on Wednesday convicted and sentenced four men to death for their role in the brutal mob killing of a woman in Kabul in March – a slaying that shocked the nation and spurred calls for authorities to ensure women’s rights to equality and protection from violence.

BW/May 7, 2015/Finance/ Reynaldo C. Lugtu, Jr.

Gender lens investing

A contingent of women entrepreneurs and social-entrepreneurship advocates recently attended a workshop in Tehran, Iran which tackled the development models for women entrepreneurs in rural communities. Among them was Pacita “Chit” Juan of ECHOstore and the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines, who presented ECHOstore’s experience of allowing women to have access to specialty markets through their retail stores, as well as the several opportunities for women in Asia-Pacific and member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. She also discussed the Great Women Program, a convergence of national and local government agencies, women’s groups and private sector groups resulting in improving local business policy, projects and services for women businesses, wherein India wanted to explore partnering into.

PDI/May 6, 2015/News/ Kristine Angeli Sabillo

Peace council wants more seats allotted for women, IP in Bangsamoro parliament


MANILA, Philippines–The Citizens’ Peace Council on Tuesday said more seats in the proposed Bangsamoro parliament should be allotted for indigenous peoples and women. Bai Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman, founder of Teach Peace, Build Peace Movement and youth representative in the council, told senators during a hearing on the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that their consultation with other sectors and groups resulted in that recommendation.

MT/May 5, 2015/News/ AFP

Female French journalists fed up with lecherous politicians

PARIS: Fed up with bawdy remarks and wandering hands, dozens of female French journalists have signed a petition published Tuesday denouncing sexism from male politicians. “Get your paws off me!” read the front page of the Liberation newspaper, where 40 female political reporters detailed sexist and lewd behavior suffered while working in the corridors of power.

MB/May 6, 2015/World/ AFP

Campaigners warn of rise in trafficking after Nepal quake


Human traffickers could try to target vulnerable women and children displaced by a devastating earthquake in Nepal, campaigners warned on Wednesday. The deadly earthquake that struck on April 25 killed thousands of people and made many more homeless.

MST/May 6, 2015/World/ AFP

Somalia’s hapless rape victims

MOGADISHU—After 14-year-old Fatima was raped by a tuk-tuk driver, she was arrested, detained for a month and raped repeatedly by a police officer, according to the child and her aunt. Sexual violence is widespread in Somalia and rarely prosecuted. If anyone is punished at all it is often the victim, not the perpetrator.

PDI/May 5, 2015/Opinion/ Rina Jimenez-David

Bangsamoro women and the BBL

AMONG THE fears being raised about the passage into law of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law is that it would enshrine certain provisions in the Sharia Law, particularly those condemning women to a subordinate role in society.

MB/May 5, 2015/World/ AFP

Indonesia to stop sending domestic workers to Mideast


Jakarta — Indonesia will stop sending new domestic workers to 21 Middle Eastern countries, reports said Tuesday, after the recent execution of two Indonesian women in Saudi Arabia angered Jakarta. The ban affects countries including Saudi Arabia – a major destination for Indonesian maids – United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt, and will come into effect in three months’ time, Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri was cited as saying in local media.

MB/May 5, 2015/News/ AFP

Norway ranks as world’s best place to be a mother


Norway ranks as the world’s best place to be a mother, well ahead of the United States which dropped to the 33rd spot in the annual scorecard released by Save the Children on Monday. Somalia is the worst place, just below the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

MB/May 4, 2015/News/ PNA

APEC drafts plan to engage more women in economic development


MANILA (PNA) — Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members are drafting strategic plans to engage more women in economic development in the region. The Philippine delegation, headed by Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado, is currently in Papua, New Guinea for the APEC Women and Economy meeting … “In APEC (Women and Economy) meeting’s main event or the APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) chaired by Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Executive Director of the Philippine Commission on Women, we expect to draft the plans and projects that empower more women to be part of supply chains, and provide women access to technology, health services, finance and markets,” Terrado said.

MB/May 4, 2015/World/AFP

Indonesian district bans unmarried couples from motorbike rides


A district in Indonesia’s Aceh has passed legislation banning unmarried men and women from riding together on motorbikes, a lawmaker said Monday, the latest new Islamic regulation in the conservative province. Members of parliament in North Aceh district last week approved the regulation, which will come into effect in a year, said lawmaker Fauzan Hamzah, adding that authorities were making “efforts to implement sharia law fully”.

MST/May 3, 2015/Main stories/ Vito Barcelo

Pinays denied RH services—UN

An international human rights group denounced the Philippine government for denying the full range of reproductive health services for thousands of Filipino women, including universal and affordable modern contraceptives. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (U.N. CEDAW) said the Philippines  is in a “human rights crisis”  where tens of thousands of Filipino  women are victimized every year, at least a thousand of them die from unsafe, often crude, procedures.

BM/May 3, 2015/World/ AP

275 Nigerian women, children led to safety

YOLA, Nigeria—Their faces were gaunt, their hair tinted orange, their stomachs distended, all signs of malnutrition. They looked ragged, lost, shattered. But the girls were alive and free. They were among a group of 275 children and women rescued from Boko Haram extremists, the first to arrive at a refugee camp on Saturday after a three-day journey to safety, brought by Nigeria’s military.

PDI/May 2, 2015/Business/Charles E. Buban

Local program helps lower high rates of maternal deaths

Maternal death is the death of a woman during pregnancy, during delivery or soon after childbirth (excluding accidental or incidental causes). It is regarded as a tragedy for the woman, her family and for society as a whole—a reason why it was included in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) … While improving the policy of universal health coverage under the state-run Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth); increase in facility-based deliveries in poor regions; the establishment of birthing facilities called basic emergency obstetric and newborn-care facilities, and comprehensive emergency obstetrics and newborn-care facilities are currently being regarded as effective strategies, Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF), in late 2008, began partnering with various rural municipalities in the Philippines in efforts to improve leadership and governance.


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APEC Philippines 2015/May 6, 2015

Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) 1 Meeting in Papua New Guinea

May 6, 2015, Papua New Guinea— APEC delegates pose for the Family Photo in the recently concluded Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) 1 meeting on May 3-5, 2015 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  PPWE 1 Meeting is part of the APEC Women and the Economy (WE) Fora to be held on September 16-18, 2015 in Manila, Philippines. Papua New Guinea is the 46th of the 222 trading partners of the Philippines.  There are about 27,000 Filipinos working in the country.

DTI/May 5, 2015

PHL delegation joins APEC women to finalize strategic plan

The Philippine delegation participates in finalizing the strategic plan that would chart the efforts of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies to promote women’s economic empowerment during the APEC Women and Economy (APEC WE) meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. “In APEC WE meeting’s main event or the APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) chaired by Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Executive Director of the Philippine Commission on Women, we expect to draft the plans and projects that empower more women to be part of supply chains, and provide women access to technology, health services, finance, and markets,” Department of Trade and Industry-Management Services Group (DTI-MSG) Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado said.

Interaksyon/May 4, 2015/ Tricia Aquino

UN: Anti-RH policies of ex-Manila mayors Atienza and Lim drove constituents deeper into poverty

MANILA - A United Nations committee says that two executive orders of former Manila mayors Jose Atienza, Jr., and Alfredo Lim got in the way of women's access to reproductive health services and contraceptives, consequently driving many constituents further into poverty as they were unable to manage the number of their children and suffered the consequences of unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal deaths.

APEC Philippines 2015/May 3, 2015

Women’s Economic Empowerment Flourishes in APEC

APEC’s initiatives to advance the economic integration of women across the Asia-Pacific have helped empower women and strengthened their contribution to the economy. Setting the tone, the APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy began a two-day meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on Sunday.


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UNFPA/May  8, 2015/ Katharina R. Lestari

Defeating the 'Mother Stealer' in rural Ethiopia

AMHARA REGION, Ethiopia – They called it the Stealer. It came to their homes in this remote part of northern Ethiopia, and claimed the lives of women in childbirth. It took Asmer Geremew's mother, as well as her younger and older sisters. Ms. Asmer only narrowly escaped it when her son was born three years ago.

UN Women/May  8, 2015

The motherhood penalty: An infographic for Mother's Day 2015

As much of the world celebrates Mother's Day, this infographic puts the so-called "motherhood penalty" into perspective. Drawing on data from the recently released UN Women flagship report "Progress of the World's Women 2015-2016: Transforming economies, realizing rights", it tracks the gender gap in lifetime income, labour force participation rates, paid leave and legal reform around the world.

IPS News/May 8, 2015/ Fabiana Frayssinet

Latin America’s Social Policies Have Given Women a Boost

BUENOS AIRES - Although they do not specifically target women, social policies like family allowances and pensions have improved the lives of women in Latin America, the region that has made the biggest strides so far this century in terms of gender equality, although there is still a long way to go. Luiza Carvalho of Brazil, U.N. Women’s regional director for the Americas and the Caribbean, said that can be seen in each report by her agency.

UN Women/May  7, 2015

Restoring dignity: Women mobilize relief efforts in Nepal

“As a result of the earthquake, we are all suffering,” said Pragita Tuladhar, a volunteer from a women worker’s organization, SABAH. During this period of national crisis, she says she has been moved and inspired by the outpouring of solidarity, particularly among women. “It is a great experience that women are gathered here to help other women in times of such suffering. There are so many women that are living without food, water, and home at the moment. They are all out there in open and I am happy that I can help them at this time.”

ILO/May  7, 2015

Mothers and children need more – not less – social protection

As several countries around the world prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, two new ILO studies provide new global and country data that point to the urgent need to increase social protection for mothers and children.

UN Women/May  6, 2015

Op-ed: Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights

Our world is out of balance. It is both wealthier and more unequal today than at any time since the Second World War. We are recovering from a global economic crisis but that recovery has been jobless. We have the largest cohort ever of educated women, yet globally women are struggling to find work. Unemployment rates are at historic highs in many countries, including those in the Middle East and North Africa, in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in southern Europe.

UN Women/May  5, 2015

Press release: UN Women announces bold commitments to gender equality from 10 partners across the world

(New York)—UN Women’s HeForShe campaign today announced 10 bold commitments from its IMPACT Champions, demonstrating strong leadership to advance women’s rights and empowerment.

UN News Centre/May 5, 2015

On International Day, UN says more midwife training will help tackle maternity and child deaths

Nearly 800 women continue to die every day from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, the United Nations spotlighted as it marked the International Day of the Midwife with a call for greater investment to increase the number of midwives and enhance the quality and reach of their services.

UCA News/May 5, 2015/ Katharina R. Lestari

North Aceh’s new bylaw separates male, female students

The north Aceh district of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), a predominantly Muslim province in Indonesia that has implemented sharia law since 2001, has passed legislation ordering separate classrooms for male and female students from secondary school level through university. The bylaw, or qanun, was approved on April 30 by district legislators.

IPS News/May 5, 2015/ Ranjit Perera

Sri Lanka’s Development Goals Fall Short on Gender Equality

COLOMBO, May 5 2015 (IPS) - When Rosy Senanayake, Sri Lanka’s minister of state for child affairs, addressed the U.N. Commission on Population and Development (CPD) in New York last month, she articulated both the successes and shortcomings of gender equality in a country which prided itself electing the world’s first female head of government: Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike in July 1960.

IPS News/May 5, 2015/ Ramesh Jaura

EU Calls for Paradigm Shift in Development Cooperation

BRUSSELS - In the run-up to the international Conference on Financing for Development from Jul. 13 to 16 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the European Union has called for a “true paradigm shift” in global development cooperation.

UN Women/May 4, 2015

Gender balance as a business imperative: A Q&A with Matt Winkler, Bloomberg News

As Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News, Matt Winkler oversaw a dedicated strategy to increase gender balance in both the newsroom itself and in the organization’s editorial coverage. They asked that a woman’s voice be included in every story, as a policy; allowed flexible work hours for parents; set specific targets every year for increasing women team leaders in the newsroom – doubling their numbers in just four years – and built a mentor system. It’s a strategy he says makes business sense, and has given them an advantage over competitors, including through big story ‘scoops’. Mr. Winkler recently accepted a new role as Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg, after almost 25 years as the Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News. In a wide-ranging interview, he reflects on how and why they pursued this transformative strategy, and its successes and challenges.

IPS News/May 4, 2015/ Lisa Vives

Close to a Thousand Nigerian Girls Freed, Many Malnourished or Pregnant

NEW YORK - Boko Haram, fleeing to a new hideout, has abandoned hundreds of women and girls in the Sambisa forest where the high school girls from Chibok were initially taken over one year ago. It is not certain, however, that the freed girls and women were part of the 200 plus kidnapped victims of Boko Haram, officials say.

IPS News/May 2, 2015/ Robert Kibet

Unsafe Abortions Continue to Plague Kenya

NAIROBI - She is just 14, but Janida avoids eye contact with others, preferring to look down at the ground and nodding her head if someone tries to engage her in conversation. Janida (not her real name) was once a sociable and playful child, but that was before she was sexually abused by her stepfather and giving birth to a baby who is now four months old. Her days marked by trauma and depression, Janida is just one of many girl children in Kenya who have been abused and robbed of their childhood, leaving them emotionally scarred.