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Jan. 24 – 30, 2015

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MB/January 30, 2015/SCU/Sara Grace C. Fojas

Lessons from a former teenage mom

A mother writes her cautionary tale in a book for young women

Some girls grow up to become beauty queens … Some girls become heroes and save lives. But some girls serve as inspiration to others, not because of their talents or perfect careers but because they made mistakes … Pammy Godoy is one of those girls. The first-time author and passionate women’s rights advocate makes mistakes like any other person. She learned from them and she wants to prevent that mistake from happening to others through her book Sex, Virginity, and Relationships: What I Wish I Knew In College. For her, the book is “paying it forward” to other teen girls who may benefit from the lessons she learned as a teenage mother.

MST/January 29, 2015/World news/AFP

Officials debate over ‘Gitmo’ female guards

Barring female guards from handling inmates at the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay poses a “risk” to the soldiers working there, the commander of a top-secret prison unit said Wednesday.

MB/January 29, 2015/Provincial/PNA

ARMM to mark World Hijab Day with symbolic walk of 1,000 women

Cotabato City – At least 1,000 women wearing hijab are expected to walk the streets of Marawi City on Feb. 1 as the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) joins in the celebration of 2015 World Hijab Day.

MB/January 29, 2015/Metro/Charissa Luci

Proponents reject move to repeal RH Law

The proponents of the Reproductive Health (RH) law thumbed down yesterday the House independent bloc’s bid to repeal the pro-women’s law, saying that such initiative is “ill-advised and premature.”

MB/January 28, 2015/Opinions and Editorials/AFP

Ending poverty: Davos hails Rwanda’s pursuit of gender equality

Davos, Switzerland —  Rwanda was held up Saturday as a beacon for gender equality as the business and political elite at the Davos forum underlined the importance of achieving parity in ending poverty.

MB/January 28, 2015/World/Dow Jones

China performs 13 million abortions per year

Abortion rates in China remain high, calling into question the country’s sex education practices.

MST/January 27, 2015/Metro/Joel E. Zurbano

‘Bolster protection of women, children’

The National Police Commission has announced it has approved restructuring the Police Women and Children Protection Center with the creation of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao field offices.

MST/January 27, 2015/World/AFP

Over 10,000 sue Japan paper over sex slavery reports

More than 10,000 people are suing Japan's leading liberal newspaper over stories on Tokyo's system of wartime sex slavery, which they say have stained their reputation as Japanese nationals.

PS/January 26, 2015/Headlines/Dennis Carcamo

Women's group asks Noy: Sack 'anti-poor' Dinky

Women's group Gabriela on Monday called on President Benigno Aquino III to replace Secretary Dinky Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for allegedly being "anti-poor."

PDI/January 26, 2015/News/Maila Ager

Women, children rally for Bangsamoro law

MANILA, Philippines — Advocates of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), including children as young as two years old, rallied outside the Senate on Monday to push for the passage of the BBL. Two-year-old Narsheema Yahiya was the youngest of four children, who were at the forefront of the rally attended by mostly women, wearing the traditional black Muslim dress.

PDI/January 26, 2015/News/Tetch Torres-Tupas

De Lima tells Kat Alano to file rape case



MANILA, Philippines–“File a case,” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said in response to an open letter of actress Kat Alano saying that she was raped by a “public figure.” “She has to file a case, and then it will start at the prosecutor’s office. Let the prosecutor assess the case, assess the evidence kung meron talagang rape. Ganun naman ang ginagawa for each and every rape case na finafile sa prosecutors office,” De Lima said Monday.

MT/January 26, 2015/News/Reina Tolentino

Lawmaker says RH Law ‘not enough’

The Reproductive Health (RH) Law “is not enough” and must be complemented with measures that improve education and create jobs. Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela on Sunday urged the government to implement a comprehensive set of measures alongside the RH Law for the country to maximize the benefits of its “demographic sweet spot.”

MT/January 26, 2015/Opinion/Crispin R. Aranda

Male Order Brides

THE Internet is a matchmaking machine, a huge date-to-date electronic system earning billions of dollars on a day-to-day basis. It used to be the pen is mightier than the sword. Now the web is mightier than the pen. The electronic age saw the birth of dating sites, posting photos of those “seeking relationship” including marriage.

Because of the number of Filipinas becoming victims of human traffickers and the sad experience of those who entered into marriage only to become abused spouses, Republic Act 6955 – Anti-Mail Order Bride Law of 1990 – was enacted. Most of those looking for, finding and sponsoring their mates are men.

MST/January 26, 2015/Provinces/Dexter A. See

Cordillera maternal casualties declined

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet—The number of deaths of mothers during childbirth in remote communities of the Cordillera region has dropped by 50 percent in the past four years because of pre-natal care and better facilities in health centers provided by a Japanese aid agency, a senior health official said.

MB/January 25, 2015/Metro/Ellalyn De Vera

DSWD launches awards recognizing ordinary people’s poverty-alleviation initiatives

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is recognizing contributions of ordinary persons and groups representing such community sectors, as persons with disabilities (PWDs), women, and indigenous peoples (IPs), in alleviating poverty among Filipinos.

MB/January 25, 2015/Business/Jen Balboa

The little loan as lifeline

Desperate or daring? Award-winning microentrepreneurs prove that starting out through loans can be worth it

People from low-income families who wish to start businesses, but have no capabilities to secure credit from big banks, may find support from microfinance institutions … Take it from Teresita Valdez, national winner of the 12th Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards. The odds were not entirely in her favor when she started out—she only attended elementary school and worked in a bagoong factory, where her first job was to remove fish heads … She soon ventured on her own bagoong and anchovy-making business, and while the business managed to survive, it was occasionally plagued by lack of funds to continue.

MST/January 24, 2015/Entertainment

IMF’S Christine Lagarde on CNN

THIS month, CNN’s ‘Leading Women’ has unique access to one of the world’s most powerful women, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

BM/January 24, 2015/Regions/PNA

Seminar focuses on quality of life, empowering families

CALAUAN, Laguna—The Consuelo Foundation-Philippine Women University (CF-PWU) Institute of Family Life and Children Studies (IFLCS) has conducted a two-day Seminar Workshop to promote gender equality, reproductive health and responsible parenting in this province.


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IPS News/January 30, 2015/Shai Venkatraman

Dumped, Abandoned, Abused: Women in India’s Mental Health Institutions

MUMBAI - Following the birth of her third child, Delhi-based entrepreneur Smita* found herself feeling “disconnected and depressed”, often for days at a stretch. “Much later I was told it was severe post-partum depression but at the time it wasn’t properly diagnosed,” she told IPS.

The Guardian/January 30, 2015/Gary Nunn

Is it time we agreed on a gender-neutral singular pronoun?

Some argue we need one for socially progressive reasons. Others simply want one to perfect their writing. But so far more than a hundred attempts have failed

IPS News/January 28, 2015/Fabiana Frayssinet

Teenage Girls in Argentina – Invisible Victims of Femicide

BUENOS AIRES, Jan 28 2015 (IPS) - The murder of a young Argentine girl on a beach in neighbouring Uruguay shook both countries and drew attention to a kind of violence that goes almost unnoticed as a cause of death among Argentine adolescents: femicide.

The Economist/January 28, 2015/S.B.

Saudi Arabia’s dress code for women

COMMENTATORS, mainly non-Saudis, made a hullabaloo when Michelle Obama, America’s first lady, turned up in Saudi Arabia on January 27th in colourful, loose-fitting clothing and no headscarf. The oil-rich kingdom is known for its women being swathed in long, black cloaks known as abayas, usually paired with the hijab (headscarf) or niqab (which leaves a slit for the eyes), or a burqa (which covers the body from head to toe, with a mesh for the eyes). So what do women, Saudi and foreign, actually have to wear in Saudi Arabia?

UN Women/January 26, 2015/Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

Why we need new allies for gender equality

One of the key defining challenges for us in 2015 is going to be to secure and leverage game-changing partnerships. The United Nations traditionally and by its very nature emphasizes the reach of governments. As UN Women, we also have a strong relationship with civil society. To make the radical changes we want to see in the empowerment of women and gender equality, we need to mobilize not just parliaments but populations, not only civil society but all society.

IPS News/January 26, 2015/Miriam Gathigah

Africa’s Rural Women Must Count in Water Management

NAIROBI - More women’s voices are being heard at international platforms to address the post-2015 water agenda, as witnessed at the recently concluded international U.N International Water Conference held from Jan. 15 to 17 in Zaragoza, Spain.

IPS News/January 26, 2015/Stella Paul

Not Without Our Daughters: Lambada Women Fight Infanticide and Child Trafficking

CHANDAMPET, India - At 11 years of age, Banawat Gangotri already has four years of work experience as a farm labourer. The child, a member of the nomadic Lambada community from the village of Bugga Thanda in India’s southern Telangana state, plucked cotton and chillies from nine a.m. until 5 p.m. for about a dollar daily.

The Guardian/January 25, 2015/Alec Hogg

Melinda Gates: more women in work will boost the lives of the poorest

Philanthropist says gender equality in the workplace will see the lives of the world’s poorest citizens improve faster in next 15 years than any time in history

The Guardian/January 24, 2015/Omid Aschari

Where are the women at Davos?

Social inclusion is at the top of the agenda in Davos, Switzerland, this week, where the question of the role equality plays in driving growth is being asked at every given opportunity. However, of those asking that question, an important voice is missing: women’s. The portion of female participants at the World Economic Forum meeting is at the stunningly low level of 17%. Davos is both a victim and an indicator of its surrounding reality.