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Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2014

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PDI/December 5, 2014/Global Nation/

Jerry E. Esplanada

Marina to encourage more women sailors

MANILA, Philippines—With its “She to Sea” program, the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) is urging Filipino women to pursue careers in the male-dominated shipping sector.

MB/December 5, 2014/SCU/Sara Grace C. Fojas

One great idea to save the world

Hungry families, uneducated children, abused women, newborn fatality rates, unhealthy pregnancies, viruses and diseases, and climate change. The world is still (and always) in bad shape and change seems to be out of reach. Is it still possible for our country to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) come 2015? That’s less than a month away!

MB/December 5, 2014/Metro/Ellson Quismorio

Anti-discrimination bill’s approval pressed

Backers of the so-called Anti-Discrimination Bill in the House of Representatives (HoR) frowned at the slow progress of the measure, the first iteration of which was filed way back in the 11th Congress.

BM/December 5, 2014/Opinion/Cecilio Arillo

The UN’s Millennium Development Goals: A success story by itself

INITIATED by the United Nations (UN) 14 years ago, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) stand today as a success story by itself, as some of the eight targets have been met well ahead of their deadline next year … In the 2014 progress report shared with this writer, UN Un­dersecretary General for Economic and Social Affairs Wu Hongbo said:

·         The political participation of women continues to increase. In January 2014 46 countries, includ­ing the Philippines, boasted hav­ing more than 30-percent female members of parliament in at least one chamber. More women are now holding some of the so-called hard ministerial portfolios, such as de­fense, foreign affairs and the envi­ronment.

BM/December 4, 2014/Opinion/Jeannie E. Javelosa

An ICT platform for women’s networks

WOMEN’S networks offer opportunities for women to connect, belong, do business, ask questions and share information. In business, few women’s networks exist, mainly because women find it difficult to get together, on account of their responsibilities to their respective families … The GREAT Women (GW) Platform is the country’s gender platform. GREAT stands for “Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of women”. While it began as a project of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), with ECHOstore’s nonprofit ECHOsi Foundation supporting and helping microentrepreneurs prepare and market-test their products, the platform has expanded to become one embraced by multisectoral partners, both in the government and the private sector.

MST/December 3, 2014/Lifestyle/Krissy Supena Cabrera

Maan Hontiveros named influential global Filipina

Maan Hontiveros, chief executive of AirAsia Inc. Philippines and chairman of AirAsia Zest was chosen by the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) as one of its awardees in the World Builder category for 2014.

MB/December 3, 2014/Business/Mercedes B. Suleik

Women in business

Last November 24, Punongbayan and Araullo sponsored the first Grant Thornton Growth Series, which took up the topic on Women In Business.  The speaker, Ms. Francesca Lagerberg, Grant Thornton’s global head for tax, has also spoken widely about the results of the Grant Thronton International Business Report (IBR) on women in management.

MB/December 3, 2014/Provincial/Freddie C. Velez and Edd K. Usman

Bulacan: 2,000 women new STAR entrepreneurs of TESDA, Coke

Calumpit, Bulacan — A total of 2,000 women entrepreneurs in Bulacan province are now adept in business management skills as they graduated yesterday from a 12-week course as scholars of the Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources (STAR) Program.

BM/December 3, 2014/Regions/Henry Empeño

SBMA conducts Women’s Summit

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT—Aside from its mandate to promote economic growth, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has also been making headway in the area of community development by assisting various groups in capability-building and empowerment.  The latest project supported by the SBMA in this regard is the Women’s Summit held on November 26 and 27, which sought to promote the welfare and development of women and update them on the latest socioeconomic and political issues that have significant bearing on them. … The second day of the summit saw messages from FQ Mom Rose Fausto, who talked about “Financial Liberation for Women”; and Philippine Commission on Women Executive Director Emmeline Verzosa, who lectured on “Magna Carta of Women”.

PS/December 3, 2014/Headlines/Dennis Carcamo

PNP: Majority of rape victims are children

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday said there has been a sharp increase in the number of rape cases in the country this year. The PNP said that there has been a 35 percent increase in the number of rape cases recorded in the past nine months, from January to October, with a total of 7,306 cases.

PS/December 2, 2014/The Freeman/ Mylen P. Manto

Court fines ex-NEDA-7 director

CEBU, Philippines - Former National Economic Development Authority-7 director Jose Romeo Escandor was fined P20,000 after the Sandiganbayan found him guilty of sexual harassment.

PDI/December 2, 2014/News

Gov’t fighting sexual harassment in its agencies–Duque

MANILA, Philippines–Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairman Francisco Duque III stressed on Monday the importance of the role of the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (Codi) in all government agencies in protecting victims of sexual harassment and deterring would-be offenders.

BM/December 2, 2014/Entrepreneur

Women have what it takes to stand out in business

MAKEUP. Housekeeping. Those are not the only areas where women stand out. According to a successful Filipina, Alegria “Bing” Sibal-Limjoco, Filipino women are also outstanding in the field of entrepreneurship—particularly in franchising.

PDI/December 1, 2014/News/AFP

ISIS suffer heavy losses in Kobani; capture woman fighter

Islamic State group jihadists battling for control of the Syrian town of Kobani suffered some of their heaviest losses yet in 24 hours of clashes and US-led air strikes, monitors said Sunday … Canada, meanwhile, said it was “aware of reports” one of its citizens may have been captured in Kobani, reportedly an Israeli-Canadian woman fighting alongside Kurdish forces … The US-based monitoring group SITE said IS claimed a woman described as a “female Zionist soldier” had been captured in Kobani.

MST/December 1, 2014/Main stories/Christine F. Herrera

Rape of women, kids on the rise, says Binay

HOUSE Deputy Majority Leader and Makati City Rep. Mar-Len Abigail Binay on Sunday lashed out at Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II for failing to curb violent crimes, after the national police reported that an average of 28 women and children were raped every day from January to September this year, up from 25 cases daily in 2013.

MT/December 1, 2014/News/AFP

India sisters applauded for beating up alleged molesters on a bus

NEW DELHI: Two Indian sisters were showered with praise and cash on Monday after a video of them thrashing three alleged molesters on a moving bus was widely replayed.

MB/December 1, 2014/Metro/Aaron B. Recuenco

Rise in rape cases attributed to comprehensive reporting

There is no upsurge in rape cases in the country contrary to some reports, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said yesterday. However, Senior Supt. Juanita Nebran, head of the Women and Children Protection Center, acknowledged that the rise in the cases of rape based on the PNP records is attributed to the comprehensive crime reporting that now includes those in the barangay blotters and other law enforcement agencies.

MB/December 1, 2014/Opinions and Editorials/Joey D. Lina Jr.

End violence against women

The world is now in the midst of a 16-day period of activism against gender-based violence. The global campaign to stir awareness and prevent horrific acts done against many women and girlswill run until Human Rights Day on December 10.

MB/December 1, 2014/Provincial

‘End VAW’ Iligan

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte (PIA) – Women leaders in this city joined END VAW (Violence Against Women) campaign with a kick off education session activity on Republic Act (RA) 9262 or Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 and RA 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003.

MT/November 30, 2014/News/AFP

US universities battle scourge of campus rape

WASHINGTON: Last spring, emails written by members of American University’s Epsilon Iota fraternity were leaked, revealing to a horrified public the strategies — from manipulation to outright drugging — the brothers used to get sex.

MST/November 30, 2014/Main stories/MST News

Abuse victims find refuge in the church

VICTIMS of sexual abuse victims choose to suffer in silence and keep their experiences secret because it sometimes involves an immediate family member, but they frequently find consolation in the Catholic Church before government agencies.

MB/November 30, 2014/Provincial/Mike U. Crismundo

Livelihood programs

Butuan City – A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will uplift the condition of village people was signed between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD-13) and five Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) at Almont Hotel here yesterday. The agreement will also push the DSWD-13 vision which is to eradicate extreme poverty, achieve universal primary education, reduce child mortality rate, improve maternal health, promote gender equality and empower women with technical seminar for various livelihood projects.

BM/November 30, 2014/Nation/Cai Ordinario

Canada extends P320-M grant for Philippine women

THE Canadian government has extended a P320 million worth of grant to finance the “Great Women 2” project implemented by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).

MST/November 29, 2014/Opinion/Elizabeth Angsioco

Vow vs. VAW

Denielle Fererria of Mariveles, Bataan was like any other 14-year old girl. She was a student, had friends, lived a normal life. A week ago, she left her school to have lunch in their house. She was abducted, gang-raped, brutally murdered, put in a sack, burned, and thrown away like garbage.


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ILO/December 5, 2014

Gender pay gap widens for higher-earning women

GENEVA (ILO News) – Women’s average wages are between 4 to 36 per cent less than men’s but the gap widens in absolute terms for higher-earning women, according to the ILO’s Global Wage Report 2014/15.

The Guardian/December 5, 2014/Susanna Rustin

If women built cities, what would our urban landscape look like?

The number of women in UK architecture firms is falling, and many urbanists are worried by the ‘very, very male-dominated’ worlds of planning and construction. So how would cities differ if women designed them?

The Telegraph/December 4, 2014/Zulaikha Rafiq

Afghanistan has become a better place for women, but there is a long way to go

It would be impossible to deny that Afghanistan has made enormous progress on women’s rights over the last 12 years. During the time of the Taliban, many women were simply invisible. They had to be accompanied by men in public, and they could be punished even for appearing outdoors without a male escort. Girls were not allowed to receive an education, except for a few “lucky ones” who studied in underground schools.

IPS News/December 4, 2014/Thalif Deen

U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals Remain Intact

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 4 2014 (IPS) - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has refused to jettison any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by an Open Working Group of member states: goals aimed at launching the U.N.’s new post-2015 development agenda through 2030.

Time/December 3, 2014/Maya Rhodan

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Is a pregnant woman like an employee who got injured on the job? Or more like someone who fell off an all-terrain vehicle over the weekend?

Newswise/December 3, 2014

Feminist Geography Expert Available to Talk about 'Best Countries for Women' Report

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Social Institutions and Gender Index has released a new reporting detailing the best and worst countries for women. The report examines “underlying structural barriers that deny women’s rights and their access to justice, resources and empowerment opportunities."

Livescience/December 3, 2014/Stephanie Pappas

Wikipedia's Gender Problem Gets a Closer Look

Wikipedia has a gender problem. The online, crowdsourced encyclopedia is open to anyone who wants to edit it, but surveys suggest that nearly 90 percent of these volunteer "Wikipedians" are male. A 2011 editor survey by the Wikimedia Foundation pegged the number of active female editors at only 9 percent. Other surveys have found slightly different percentages, but none exceed about 15 percent female representation worldwide.

Fastcoexist/December 3, 2014

The Countries Where It's Best And Worst To Be A Woman

Discrimination against women and girls isn't just a moral issue: It also carries a high economic cost.

BBC/December 3, 2014

Indian mentally ill women 'at risk' - Human Rights Watch

Women and girls suffering from disabilities in India are forced into mental institutions and "treated worse than animals", says the US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a new report.

IPS/December 2, 2014/Thalif Deen

U.N. Chief, Under Fire, Moves Closer to Gender Parity

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 2 2014 (IPS) - When Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon named an international panel to review peacekeeping operations last October, the announcement was greeted with bitter criticism because it lacked even a semblance of gender balance: only three out of 14 members were women.

The Guardian/December 2, 2014/Shalailah Medhora

No Gender December: Abbott criticises bid to end gender stereotypes in toys

Tony Abbott says: ‘I certainly don’t believe in that kind of political correctness. Let boys be boys, let girls be girls – that’s always been my philosophy’

The Washington Post/December 1, 2014/Adam Taylor

Watch: Indian women stand up to sexual harassment and the Internet loves it

In India, the term 'eve-teasing' is used to refer to the street harassment of women. It's a problem, and many draw a line from this harassment to cases of violent molestation and assault. Since a horrific gang rape in New Delhi two years ago, 'eve-teasing' has become the focus of scrutiny in India and abroad, and many wonder how to end it.




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Gender Index/December 2014

SIGI 2014 Synthesis Report


The 2014 edition of the SIGI shows that countries have made great strides in reducing discrimination through ambitious target setting and promising initiatives in transforming discriminatory social norms. However, gaps and challenges remain across some key areas affecting women’s socio-economic and political rights and freedom from violence.