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Nov. 1 - 7, 2014

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PDI/November 7, 2014/Opinion/Michael L. Tan


What did I get into? I wondered as I planned today’s column, a continuation of my discussion of the phrase “LGBT-QCI” being used now by some people in gender advocacy organizations. Ready to review, and to sing out the alphabet soup?

MB/November 7, 2014/Latest news/Reuters

A year after deadly typhoon, women weave their magic

BASEY/MANILA, Philippines (Reuters) – A year after one of the world’s most powerful storms smashed into the Philippines, a group of women are stitching their lives back together by weaving colourful reeds used in handicrafts sold by the world’s top retailers.

MB/November 6, 2014/Provincial/PIA

Child-friendly city

Cotabato City – After the Local Government Unit (LGU) here initiated various child-friendly activities for Children’s Month, it is set to receive a Seal of Child Friendly Local Governance award from the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC). Cotabato City Mayor Japal “Jojo” Guiani said the city government has also created the Inter-Agency Committee against trafficking and violence against women and children.

MST/November 5, 2014/Top stories/AFP

Birthing amid ruins became touch of hope

TACLOBAN—Emily Sagalis gave birth on a concrete slab after battling storm surges that killed thousands, then like many new mothers in razed communities of the Philippines began another perilous struggle for survival with her baby.

MB/November 5, 2014/National/Charissa Luci

Anti-hate crime measure taking back seat to priority bills – Belmonte

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said he is uncertain if the Lower Chamber would have enough time to give due attention to a proposal seeking to address the proliferation of hate-motivated crimes against vulnerable sectors, especially members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

BW/November 5, 2014/Economy/Mikhail Franz E. Flores

PDF pitches projects for Bangsamoro to international lenders

PROJECTS and programs for the proposed Bangsamoro political entity will be tackled in this year’s pledging session between the Philippines and multilateral lenders, the government’s Investor Relations Office (IRO) said on Wednesday. The IRO said in a statement that this year’s Philippines Development Forum (PDF) will focus on helping the Bangsamoro region catch up with the rest of the Philippine economy … The EU said it will provide‚ €3.5 million to support the “future Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission and to local Civil Society Organisations in the exercise of their human rights monitoring and promotion/education functions (including as gender ombudsman for the former)”.

MB/November 4, 2014/Metro/AFP

Perilous year for Yolanda mothers

Tacloban – Emily Sagalis gave birth on a concrete slab after battling storm surges that killed thousands, then like many new mothers in razed communities of the Philippines began another perilous struggle for survival with her baby.

MST/November 4, 2014/Provinces/Rio N. Araja

Prostitution traced to Tacloban’s failure

A women’s group has announced on Monday a mission to Tacloban City, ground zero of super typhoon that killed 6,000 people and caused widespread damage in 2013, to look into reports that women have been forced into prostitution because of failure of government to address hunger and lack of jobs in the area.

MB/November 3, 2014/Provincial/Zaldy C. Comanda

Females outnumber men as new scouts

Camp Bado Dangwa, Benguet — There are 68 new police graduates of the rigid 45-day Special Counter-Insurgency Operations Unit Training (SCOUT) “Matalahib Class 27-2014” and 60 of them are women.

BW/November 3, 2014/Nation/Imee Charlee C. Delavin

Bangsamoro dev’t plan has to close fund gap

THE PHILIPPINES may seek assistance from international donors and aid agencies to “bridge the gap in funding” a development plan for the proposed autonomous region for ethnic Moros in Mindanao. Although several programs under the Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP) have already been bankrolled by the GAA (General Appropriations Act), a funding gap still remains, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panel head Mohagher Iqbal said in a phone interview … Donor agencies -- including consultants from the World Bank, United Nations and JICA -- provided technical and financial support to the BDP formulation which seeks to address “thematic areas” of the economy, social, environmental and natural resources, politics, security, culture and identity, and the cross-cutting themes of gender and development, peace-building and youth.

BM/November 2, 2014/Nation/Marvyn N. Benaning

International Women’s Alliance says Laude murder ‘systemic violence’

AN activists’ group led by former Gabriela Partylist Rep. Liza Maza said the murder of 26-year-old Filipino transgender woman Jennifer Laude allegedly by a US serviceman is “part of systemic violence” clutching the country.

MST/November 1, 2014/World news/AFP

B. Haram says kidnapped girls ‘married off’

KANO—Boko Haram has claimed the 219 schoolgirls it kidnapped in Nigeria earlier this year have converted to Islam and been married off, according to a new video obtained by AFP on Friday.

MST/November 1, 2014/Opinion/Elizabeth Angsioco

Transcending differences: the revolution of genders

The brutal murder of Jennifer Laude brought to public attention the plight of transgender people in the country.


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UN Women/November 7, 2014

“This is a wake-up call,” UN Women Executive Director tells European Beijing+20 Regional Review Meeting

Geneva — Government representatives of UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Member States, experts, academics, and members of international, civil society and private sector organizations gathered in Geneva from 6-7 November to review progress towards the the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the most comprehensive plan for advancing women’s rights, in the lead-up to its 20th anniversary. The goals laid out in the Beijing Declaration have also served as a catalyst to the global Beijing+20 advocacy campaign.

UN Women/November 7, 2014

Civil society organizations from Europe and Central Asia call for action and accountability at Beijing+20 review

Geneva - A diverse group of 700 participants from 56 countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) region gathered from 3-5 November to review progress made in the region on the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action nearly 20 years after its adoption. The Beijing Declaration, signed by 189 countries, is widely known as the blueprint for women’s empowerment, and focuses on 12 critical areas of concern, from women and the environment to ending violence against women.

UN Women/November 6, 2014

Expanding dialogue on gender equality, UN Women at the MenEngage Symposium in India

As part of UN Women’s Beijing+20 campaign marking the 20-year commemoration of the Fourth World Conference on Women, a series of thematic events are taking place focused on accelerating effective implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action. These events are bringing together policymakers, gender experts and political leaders to look at the achievements in gender equality as well as the challenges that exist, and the road ahead. One of the key Beijing+20 global events in 2014 is the 2nd Global Symposium “Men and Boys for Gender Justice”, from 10-13 November in New Delhi, India.

IPS News/November 6, 2014/Fabiana Frayssinet

More Women Managers in Argentina, But They’re Still Doing the Chores

BUENOS AIRES, Nov 6 2014 (IPS) - In Argentina there are more and more women in management-level positions in the public and private sectors, although they still have to forge their way amidst gender stereotypes, while shouldering the double burden of home and work responsibilities.

IPS News/November 6, 2014/Thalif Deen

Women Challenged by Rising Extremism and Militarism

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 6 2014 (IPS) - Ongoing military conflicts in the strife-torn Middle East – specifically in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Palestine – have resulted in widespread civilian casualties, impacting heavily on the most vulnerable in besieged communities: women and children.

UN Women/November 5, 2014/Yara Sharif

Arab and European parliamentarians to meet at ‘Spring Forward for Women’ Conference

Brussels — The European Commission, the European Parliament and UN Women this morning kicked off the two-day Spring Forward for Women Conference at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Conference brings together women lawmakers from the Arab States and Members of the European Parliament. Participants will share their experiences in advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in both the European Union and the Arab States.

The Guardian/November 5, 2014/Jill Treanor

Report sets goal of more women in boardrooms of FTSE 100 firms

More needs to be done to increase the pipeline of women being prepared for top jobs at Britain’s biggest companies, according to the authors of a government-endorsed report into diversity in the boardrooms of stockmarket-listed companies.

CNN/November 5, 2014/Frida Ghitis

100 women in Congress is not enough

(CNN) -- Tuesday's midterm elections marked a new milestone for women in American politics. For the first time in the nation's history, the number of women in Congress will reach 100. Is that cause for celebration? No, not at all.

UN Women/November 4, 2014/Katja Isaksen

UN Women and Publish What You Pay launch gender guide for natural resource management

Nairobi — Today, UN Women and Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global coalition campaigning for an open extractive sector, launched the toolkit “Extracting Equality – A Guide”, which examines how to approach the issue of gender within the extractive sector. Written by PWYP and UN Women, along with experts working on gender and the extractives worldwide, the guide is the first-ever extractive value chain to combine gender with good governance.

LA Times/November 4, 2014

In demographically impaired Japan, women still face gender bias

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a bit of tough-guy swagger: He hasn't been afraid to ruffle China's feathers by visiting a controversial war shrine and he's pushed to revise Japan's pacifist constitution. Yet he's also become one of Asia's most vocal advocates for women.

IPS News/November 4, 2014/Lakshmi Puri

Ending Violence Against Women – A Global Responsibility

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 4 2014 (IPS) - Addressing violence against women, in all of its forms, is a global imperative and should be one of the international community’s top priorities, including in forthcoming intergovernmental processes, such as the post-2015 development agenda.




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WB/November 4, 2014

Promoting women's economic empowerment: what works?

A review of rigorous evaluations of interventions that seek to empower women economically shows that the same class of interventions has significantly different outcomes depending on the client. Capital alone, as a small cash loan or grant, is not sufficient to grow women-owned subsistence-level firms.


UN Women/November 4, 2014

Extracting Equality — A Guide

Extracting Equality — A Guide is the result of collaborative work between UN Women and Publish What You Pay, along with experts working on gender and the extractives, worldwide. The guide examines how to approach the issue of gender within the extractive sector. It is the first-ever extractive value chain that combines gender with good governance. This toolkit examines all 12 steps of the extractive value chain, from finding out how much natural resources a country has to looking at how a project should be dismantled.