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Oct. 18 - 24, 2014

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MST/October 24, 2014/World news/AFP

Women, children caught in deadly firefight

TUNIS - Women and children were caught up in a police siege near the Tunisian capital Friday, with "terrorists" killing one officer in a firefight, ahead of elections that have sparked fears of jihadist attacks.

MB/October 24, 2014/Metro

Migrant workers, mostly OFWs, beaten, exploited, trapped in UAE

Many Asian and African women working as domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates say their employers beat them with sticks or cables, punched and slapped them, and there’s little they can do because they’re excluded from the country’s labor law protections, a rights group said Thursday.

PDI/October 23, 2014/News/Aries Joseph Hegina

UPLB provides shuttle service, sets ‘curfew’ after rape incident


MANILA, Philippines—The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) took various steps to fortify security in the campus after one of its students was raped.

MT/October 23, 2014/News/AFP

Saudi to deal ‘strictly’ with female drivers

RIYADH – Female drivers in Saudi Arabia will be dealt with “strictly”, authorities said on Thursday before a right-to-drive campaign culminates at the weekend. The kingdom is the world’s only country where women are not allowed to operate cars.

MST/October 23, 2014/World news/AFP

Japanese minister hit by sex bar scandal

TOKYO—Japan was hit Thursday by a third political scandal in a week after its new industry minister -- whose predecessor resigned in disgrace over misspending -- admitted that his underlings had spent office cash at a sex bar.

MB/October 23, 2014/National/Ellson Quismorio

Maternity benefits for unmarried pushed

Unmarried women who work in the government may soon be entitled to maternity leave benefits like their private sector counterparts if a bill filed in the 16th Congress is enacted into law.

BM/October 23, 2014/Top news/AP

Rights group: Woman-workers getting abused in UAE homes 


Many Asian and African women working as domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) say their employers beat them with sticks or cables, punched and slapped them, and there’s little they can do because they’re excluded from the country’s labor law protections, a rights group said on Thursday.

BW/October 23, 2014/Labor/Bloomberg

Big mining companies slowly shifting away from boys’ club mentality

Mining remains the most male-dominated business, with men holding more than 90% of executive positions. That’s starting to change, as retiring employees help open the $1-trillion industry’s door to female successors.

BW/October 22, 2014/Opinion/Pia Manalastas

Socially responsible MBAs: Do gender and age matter?

AS A RESPONSE to the criticism that business schools focus merely on training students to prioritize profits, which resulted in the spate of corporate scandals in the early 2000s, De La Salle University’s MBA program was revised to include a course on Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Social Responsibility (the CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility course) … To assess the impact of this course on the values of MBA students, I examined the change in their value priorities. Using the Schwartz Values survey, students were asked to rate their value priorities before and after taking the CSR course … This study focuses on how the students’ individual attributes (i.e., gender and age) had an impact on their learning experience. Interestingly, after the course, male students showed a significant decrease in the values of conformity, achievement and hedonism, while female students showed a decrease in self-direction.

MB/October 21, 2014/Metro/Roy Mabasa

PH solons urge ILO to ensure protection of domestic workers

The Philippines urged parliamentarians worldwide to be instruments in providing domestic workers, majority of whom are women and girls, the most basic protection under international laws and convention in order to safeguard their life, welfare and rights as fellow human beings.

MST/October 21, 2014/World news/AFP

Pollution in pregnancy linked to lung damage in child

PARIS - Women exposed to high levels of traffic pollution during the second trimester of pregnancy are at higher risk of giving birth to a child with weak lungs, researchers said Monday.

MB/October 21, 2014/Provincial/Jonas Reyes

Three faces of gay life in Olongapo

Olongapo City, Zambales — Olongapo City has been a melting pot of every culture and every gender in the country … Open to people from all walks of life, Olongapo City is open especially to the “third sex” – quite a coincidental term to represent the three faces of gay life in the city.

BW/October 21, 2014/Opinion/Joaquim Chissano

The need to unleash Africa’s girl power


SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA’S economies have boomed in recent years. But the headline figures often mask longer-term problems -- not least, an over-reliance on natural resources and chronic inequalities. Inclusive, sustainable growth is achievable, but only by tapping the continent’s greatest reserve of energy and creativity: African women and girls.

PS/October 20, 2014/The Freeman/Archie Modequillo

Women breast cancer and other burdens

CEBU, Philippines – Women are generally regarded as the weaker gender. Their bodies are perceived to be more "fragile" than those of the men. And they are supposedly emotionally softer, too. There's no problem with this collective image of women - until certain things about them are thoroughly considered. Delicate jobs that require piercing meticulousness are usually assigned to women. And to whom does God entrust the most enormous task of childbearing?

PDI/October 20, 2014/News

Ortiz named to women’s panel

MANILA, Philippines–President Aquino has appointed Dr. Leonida B. Ortiz a commissioner in the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) representing the National Council of Women of the Philippines (NCWP) which she serves as president.

MST/October 20, 2014/World news/AFP

Japan Prime Minister Abe loses two female ministers over cash scandals

TOKYO – Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffered a double setback Monday, October 20, with the resignations of two female cabinet ministers over claims they misused political funds, dealing a blow to his proclaimed gender reform drive.

MB/October 20, 2014/Opinion/AFP

Report: Gender gap shrinking in schools, workplace

Paris, France — Global gender gaps have significantly decreased over the past ten years, particularly in early education and the labor market, according to a new report published on Wednesday.

PS/October 18, 2014/Lifestyle/Alixandra Caole Vila

Women live longer than men, find out why

MANILA, Philippines – Previous researches have claimed that women live longer than men. At an average, women live on six years longer than men do. For years, science has tried to explain the reason for this phenomenon. While genes and hormones do contribute to this reality, lifestyle has a great bearing to this as well. Here are some of the reasons why women, as a group, live longer  than men:


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UN Women/October 24, 2014

Balkan women make inroads in peace and politics

Through the cracks of a tragic history, decades after the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the subsequent conflicts that engulfed the Balkans in the 1990s, a powerful group of women are uniting to overcome ethnic and political differences and build a better future.

UN Women/October 24, 2014

Women’s key role in agricultural production emphasized

African leaders called for greater investment in women in order to increase agricultural production and improve livelihoods, at a three-day Sharefair on Rural Women’s Technologies to Improve Food Security, Nutrition and Productive Farming.

Devex/October 24, 2014/Anna Patricia Valerio

Gender equality-focused aid: Where is the money going?

Gender equality has made its way into the various discussions on the post-2015 development agenda, with some citing the lack of integration of gender throughout the Millennium Development Goals as a cause for rethinking how gender should play out in development once the MDGs end next year. Others meanwhile say that the everywhere-but-nowhere nature of gender in mainstream programming has strengthened support for gender as a stand-alone goal.

UN Women/October 23, 2014

Regional Review meeting to explore status of women in the UNECE region 20 years after the Beijing Platform for Action

In the lead up to the 20th anniversary commemoration of the landmark Beijing Platform for Action, considered the most comprehensive agenda on women’s rights, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has undertaken a review of the implementation of the Platform by its Member States. The results of this review will be the focus of the Beijing+20 Regional Review Meeting to be co-hosted in Geneva by UNECE and UN Women on 6 and 7 November 2014.

NYT/October 23, 2014/Addam Nossiter

Boko Haram Said to Abduct More Women in Nigeria

DAKAR, Senegal — Scores of young women have been kidnapped in new abductions by Islamist militants in Nigeria, according to local journalists, a Roman Catholic bishop and news reports, indicating that Boko Haram’s campaign of violence is continuing despite official reports of a cease-fire with the group.

The Atlantic/October 23, 2014/Adam Chandler

Saudi Arabia's Women Problem

One of the lesser-noted tendrils of the Arab Spring, which kicked off in earnest in 2011 and has been all but declared over, is the ongoing movement to end the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

IPS News/October 23, 2014/ Ravi Kanth Devarakonda

Halting Progress: Ending Violence against Women

GENEVA - As Juan Evo Morales Ayma, popularly known as ‘Evo’, celebrates his victory for a third term as Bolivia’s president on a platform of “anti-imperialism” and radical socio-economic policies, he can also claim credit for ushering in far-reaching social reforms such as the Bolivian “Law against Political Harassment and Violence against Women” enacted in 2012.

ILO/October 22, 2014

Maternity leave: Women's survival vs. family responsibilities in Rwanda

Most women make a choice between their own survival and family responsibilities. This is where the ILO Convention on maternity protection comes in.

UN Women/October 20, 2014

Access to justice is key to advancing individual and collective human rights for indigenous women and girls

(New York) — To present best practices from across Latin America regarding indigenous women’s rights and access to justice, country representatives from Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala took part in a side event during the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly. It followed an interactive dialogue led by the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.

NYT/October 20, 2014/Thomas Erdbrink

Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women

TEHRAN — Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of the historic city of Isfahan on Wednesday to protest several acid attacks on women. The attacks had coincided with the passage of a law designed to protect those who correct people deemed to be acting in an “un-Islamic” way.

CNN/October 20, 2014/Rene Almeling

Egg-freezing a better deal for companies than for women

(CNN) -- Apple and Facebook made the headlines last week on the news that they are offering coverage for their female employees to freeze their eggs. Financial support for egg-freezing represents a bold step by these tech leaders, intended to support women as they manage the modern-day conflict between work and family.

Huffington Post/October 18, 2014/Thomas C. Frohlich

The 5 Worst States For Women


Based on recently released Census Bureau data, women made up almost half of the workforce last year. Yet, even working full-time and year-round, they were paid only 79 cents for every dollar men made. The wage gap varies considerably between states. Women receive 86 cents for every dollar men make in New York, for example, while in Louisiana, women are paid just 66% of what men earn.