Gender and Development (GAD) Resource Pool Handbook

Developed after more than five years of existence of the GAD Resource (GR) Pool, this Handbook endeavors to guide the management of the pool of technical assistance providers on GAD. The GR Pool is a mechanism to assist the Philippine Commission on Women in delivering technical assistance to national and local governments on gender and development. It serves as the Commission’s “extension” to reach more government agencies and local government units, which are not reached because of human resource constraints.

The Handbook reflects the experiences, comments, and recommendations gleaned from years of practice, government engagements, and PCW consultations. Lessons from this collective experience are expected to fine-tune the work of the GR Pool and make the technical assistance process more effective and efficient.

Asset Type:Publications
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender and Development, GAD, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Equality, Technical Assistance
Author: Philippine Commission on Women
Publisher: Philippine Commission on Women
Publication Date:2021

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