GAD Focal Point System Functionality Assessment Tool for National Government Agencies

This GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) Functionality Assessment Tool is designed to ensure that national government agencies (NGAs) have a functional mechanism to mainstream the gender and development perspective in their policy making, planning, programming, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation processes. As a self assessment tool, it provides GFPS members from NGAs the means to examine their performance and level of compliance based on the parameters set forth in the Magna Carta of Women and the PCW Memorandum Circular 2011-01.

Through PCW Memorandum Circular 2022-02, all NGAs are enjoined to use this tool in periodically assessing the level of functionality of their GFPS.

Asset Type:Publications
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender and Development, GAD, GAD Tool, GAD Focal Point System, GFPS, National Government Agencies
Author: Philippine Commission on Women
Publisher: Philippine Commission on Women
Publication Date:2022

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