Gender violence on the internet: the Philippine experience.

Philippine development plan 2011-2016 : midterm update

Philippine development plan 2011-2016 : result matrices

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Review of gender equality in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management(DRRM)

Strengthening the IACVAWC in Responding to VAWC Complaints

This Re-Entry Project aims to address the inadequacy of the IACVAWC to proactively respond to VAWC-related complaints according to the IRR of RA 9262.
Proposed interventions will address the gap in three ways: 1) by enforcing the directing function of the member-agencies as part of their commitments inthe IACVAWC; 2) by enabling the Council to act on VAWC complaints and enforcing this role through a resolution; and 3) by increasing the awarenessof the general public on VAWC, remedies under the law and that VAWC complaints can be elevated to the Council for their action.
The ReP aims to contribute to the "full implementation of RA 9262 and RA 9710 to protect and promote the rights of women as vulnerable groups" and address the MCW provision of "enhanced policies, programs, facilities and services to ensure protection of women against all forms of violence" towards the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

What You Should Know When Assisting Rape Survivors

Women after the storm: gender issues in Yolanda recovery and rehabilitation: proceedings.

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Women in business: report on the Philippines

2012/2013 Philippine human development report

From Unheard Screams to Powerful Voices: a Case Sutdy of Women's Political Epowerment in the Philippines

This study aimed to investigate how the Philippine government addresses the gender gap in women's political participation through: a) Executive initiatives; b) Legislative initiatives; and c) agency and local government initiatives. an outcome of these gender policies on women's political empowerment was explored.
It is also aimed to assess the situation of gender equality and women's political empowerment in the Philippines. It shows the measures done by the government in addressing one of the development issues it faces. This development study will significantly contribute to the academia.
The research use in this study is a descriptive-qualitative research. The methodology in completing this study is document analysis and critical review of existing studies and literature.