2021 GAD Webinar Series

To fulfill its mandate in providing Gender and Development (GAD) related technical assistance even in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine Commission on Women launched its first GAD webinar series in 2020. It aims to provide members of the GAD Focal Point System and other government staff members the opportunity to be levelled off on GAD-related concepts, mandates, framework, tools, and procedures based on the modules designed by PCW.

As the government continues to adjust to the new normal, PCW has again organized and offered its laddered GAD webinar series, which started in March 2021.

Asset Type:Video
Collection:Philippine Commission on Women
Subject:Gender, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender and Development, GAD, Gender Analysis, GAD Planning and Budgeting, GAD Agenda, GAD Funds Audit
Creator:Philippine Commission on Women
Publisher:Philippine Commission on Women
Publication Date:2021

GAD Webinar 1 – Introduction to GAD Concepts and SOGIESC
GAD Webinar 2 – Fundamentals of Gender Mainstreaming
GAD Webinar 3 – Gender Analysis: Tools and Praxis

GAD Webinar 4 -Beyond Attribution: Use of the HGDG
GAD Webinar 5 – GAD Planning and Budgeting: From Preparation to GAD Funds Audit
GAD Webinar 6 – The GAD Agenda

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