This guidebook is primarily designed to assist legislative offices and agencies who are directly involve in legislative development and analysis of laws created for the women towards a gender-responsive approach to legislation.

This publication discusses adolescent sexuality and the emerging policy issues on adolescent sexuality.

This primer introduces the concepts of rape, the laws that can be used against rape and the different remedies for the victim.

This report highlights the agency’s achievement, accomplishments and development with regards to women empowerment during 1992-1998.

This manual is a product of a one-year pilot testing project on the required processes and mechanisms for the Philippine Development Plan for Women (PDPW) in our effort to implement R.A. 7192 in the Northern Mindanao (Region X). It aims to enhance the effectiveness of existing development guidelines at the regional and local levels.

This booklet contains questions and answer about the Gender and Development (GAD) plan & budget. Provides guide to preparation, implementation, budget sources/support groups and monitoring system of the GAD plan and budget.