Gender-fair Language: A Primer

This handbook presents the list of recommended gender fair terms.

Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development 1995-2025

Directory of Women's Organizations Philippines

This national directory provides the organizational profile and geographic reach of accredited women's organizations across sectors from all parts of the country.

The National Health Insurance Law and the Civil Service Code: A Review of Specific Provisions Applicable to Women

This occasional paper attempts to identify provisions in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Law (Republic Act 7875) which neglect, disregard or out rightly discriminate against women’s needs and rights. An analysis of on whether the civil service provision for women in public service institutions are consistent with the Philippine Plan for Gender-responsive development (PPGRD) upon reviewing the NHI Law and its implementing rules and regulation is also presented in this paper.

Hospital case record on violence against women

A Gender-sensitive technology impact assessment system

Women's concerns in the EIS system.

The Ambiguities and Ambivalence on Abortion Issues in the Philippines

Guidelines for Integrating Concerns in the Development Processes: A Manual for PDP for Women Implementation in Northern Mindanao

This manual is a product of a one-year pilot testing project on the required processes and mechanisms for the Philippine Development Plan for Women (PDPW) in our effort to implement R.A. 7192 in the Northern Mindanao (Region X). It aims to enhance the effectiveness of existing development guidelines at the regional and local levels.

Republic Act No. 8522: General Appropriations Act of 1998

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