Directory of Women's Organizations Philippines

This national directory provides the organizational profile and geographic reach of accredited women's organizations across sectors from all parts of the country.

Directory of Non-Government Organizations Working on Women

This directory provides the list of NGOs on women, including other development organizations and institutions with projects and programs for women.

Creation of NCRFW Project Groups

Guidelines in the Establishment and Management of a Referral System on Violence Against Women at the Local Government Unit Level

The Guidelines is aimed at establishing a referral system at the local government level to have an integrated and coordinated community response to victims of violence against women (VAW).

Women workers in the Philippines

This occasional paper presents the significant changes in women’s status as workers, their emerging roles and programs designed for their increased participation of women in the labour force.

Women Leader's Network From APEC Economies

Women in the Philippines: A Country Report

This is a review and appraisal of progress made in attaining the objective of the United Nations Decade for Women.

Women in Project Manager: A Course Manual

Women and politics

Women and environment

This pamphlet discusses the present state of the environment in the Philippines. Additionally, it explains the relationship of women to the environment and what are the roles of women in the environment protection and preservation program of the government and other private agencies.