Gender Statistics

2001 Statistical Handbook on Violence Against Women and Children

This book contains statistical reports of cases on violence against women and children during the period of 1997-1999.

The World's Women 2015: Trends and Statistics

Refinement of the existing gender and development indicator system

This publication presents a new set of core GAD indicators as a refinement of the gender indicators identified from previous projects that will monitor the over-all development of women as compared to men.

Filipino Women: Issues and Trends

This publication is a compilation of statistical indicators on the Filipino women involving the special generation of sex-based data on women’s status in different fields, such as employment, education, politics, health, families and household and others.

Filipino Women Migrants: A Statistical Factbook

This factbook contains statistical report of Filipino Women Migrants from 1990-1994.

Filipino Women Facts and Figures

This publication provides a summary of statistics pertaining to the status and/or participation of Filipino women in education, health, employment, and politics at comparative points in time during the Women’s Decade, 1975-1985. Data on population as well as other vital statistics are also presented.

Factsheets on Filipino Women

This information kit presents facts and figures on the status of Filipino women in the country.

Facts and Figures on Filipino Women

This booklet provides a summary of statistics on the Filipino women in areas on Population, Families and Household; VAW; Labor and Employment; Overseas Employment; Politics and Governance; Education; and Health.

Fact Sheets on Filipino Women: 10 years After Beijing

This is a statistical report on the status of women 10 years after the implementation of Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA).

Trends in Women’s Employment in the Regions 1991-1994

This book presents statistical data sets generated by National Statistics Office (NSO) from 1991 and 1994 of integrated survey of households of Filipino women. It includes tables on labor force participation, employment, marital status and household headship as well as occupational and industrial characteristics.