Spare Ribs? Early Modern Female Monasticism in the East Slavic Lands

“One of the Guys”: Military Women, Paradoxical Individuality, and the Transformations of the Argentine Army

Holy Women and Hagiography in Colonial Spanish America

Female barrenness, bodily access and aromatic treatments in seventeenth-century England

Capitalism and the production of uneven bodies: women, motherhood and food distribution in Britain c.1850–1914

Appearance-Related Communication Mediates the Link Between Self-Objectification and Health and Well-Being Outcomes

The Global Gender Gap Report 2017

Women’s Participation in Rural China’s Self-Governance: Institutional, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Factors in a Jiangsu Countygove_

Wives, Children . . . Husbands: Supporting Roles

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When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?