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Gender-Fair Media Guidebook

This Guidebook is designed to serve as a practical reference for the media as they start off the process of changing their perception of gender in the media, recalibrating their practice so they don't perpetuate gender discrimination, and consciously producing media content that brings women's issues to the fore of national consciousness. It is a product of collaboration between the Philippine Commission on Women, the member agencies of the Media Gender Equality Committee, media entities, academe, and civil society organizations.
The Guidebook contains the following:
Part 1: Setting the Context
Part 2: Practical Guide to Gender-Fair Media Practice
Part 3: Self-Assessment Tools
- Descriptive list of various laws and regulations relevant to women and GAD as jump-off point for media research
- Glossary of Gender and Development (GAD) terms
- Non-sexist Language Tip Sheet

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