Trends in Women’s Employment in the Regions 1991-1994

This book presents statistical data sets generated by National Statistics Office (NSO) from 1991 and 1994 of integrated survey of households of Filipino women. It includes tables on labor force participation, employment, marital status and household headship as well as occupational and industrial characteristics.

Women in Agriculture: The Philippine Case

This publication contains assessment report of Filipino women in the agricultural sector.

Guidelines for Developing and Implementing Gender-responsive Programs and Projects

This publication presents a step-by-step guide to decision-makers, project planners and implementors in providing them with firm basis for strengthening their efforts to address gender concerns and development.

Women and Population

This primer clarifies some information about population issues in the Philippines.

Women Overseas Workers

This publication consists of statistical data about women abroad. It also provides Q & A on women overseas workers issues.

Directory of Filipino Women in Radio, TV & Film Media

This directory includes list of women in radio, TV & film media.

Domestic Violence

This occasional paper introduces the concepts of domestic violence and some of the situations of women in the country.

Integrating Gender and Development in Local Legislation and Policy Formulation

This publication is a step-by-step guide in administering the training in gender and development in local officials. It consists of 11 modules which were used to introduce the concepts related to gender and development and craft ordinances, resolutions or policies that are both gender-sensitive and gender-responsive.

Sexual Harassment

This occasional paper briefly explains some concepts of sexual harassment and preventive actions.

Statistics on the Filipino Women

This book presents statistical reports on Filipino women prepared by the National Statistics Office. This publication attempts to portray the status of women in relation to man in four major topics: demographic profile, social sector, economic sector and special concerns.